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Director's cutting.

I have many ideas which I couldn't express in the GROW,
even I tried hard to put them on the programs.
That was so sad because each idea was so good if it is to be in it.
Especially at GROW CUBE.
It was so painful.
So I'm going to show them here today, part of them.
well,I may make them in those games by chance.

And also there were a lot of ideas, cause of lack of time for create games.
There would be 100times above.
However, It would take a half year or more to put all of them in one game.
hold back my tears, cutting out,cutting out cutting......


Good site. Thanks!

I can tell you guys how to pass grow RPG and CUBE, but it will get out the fun, so I that have looked for too games, how to pass the, are going to tell you that I won't get all the fun of, and the RPG, I play it when I have 12 and get trouth it and pass it, take me like an hour but, I made it and the cube is not imposible, I made, IF YOU REALLY WANT TO SOLVE IT, SEARCH IN GOOGLE, and the one who make, great work, I never seem a game as adictive as this, keep up, because all of your work will be remenber for a long time, and tell something of how you make the game for those that have Macromedia flash, speaking of which, you can go to: www.adobe.com and download it in trial mode, them with a program like lime wire or ares or e-mule, you get the registracion code, for those starters of flash, go to: www.newgrounds.com and see the tutorial section (first flash portal and to the botton it says "learn flash" there I learn all I know) and in search put tutorial to see other tutorials. :)

I hope someone get some use of what I say, bye. :)

Why don't you put a way to download it, and a place where one can upload the game one just make, like I download the Grow cube, and make somethings of mi own, i test it, if work, i upload it. :)

Can someone plz tell the order which you have to put the things in on grow ver.3 plzplzplzplzplz

No use Grow Cube!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to finish it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

plzzzzzzzzz hi every one i
posted this in so i can find out the steps to complete grow cube its so hard plzzzzzzzzz help i would really not mind it althought i might go crazy if i dont get the steps.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
I NEED IT BADLY!!!!!I ll be this face if i get the steps plzzzz

u seem like a smart person
how do ver .2?!?!?!?!?!?

how do i complete grow ver 2 it is driving me up to wall

JOGO MUITO LEGAll hauehuaihei seus otario nao vao entender nada

Oh my God
Grow is s cool
i love it
i cracked Grow Cube
took ages though
and i have been working through Grow v.3 and i and so stuck
can any one give me some tips plzz that would be so helpful :)

If you want to know how to solve growcube, email me: spiritlaurac@hotmail.co.uk


you suck

zomg! this came is so great!!!! make more like it. please?!?!

Hi All,

Ill give u the list to complete Grow Cube if u tell me how to do Grow Ornament and others...

How do you complete Grow ver 3?!?!

You guys are the 60738 best, thanks so much for the help.

after playing and winning Grow Cube and other grow games i'm hoked seeing if i can beet them by memory and i can somtimes.

i love 忍者龜baba

please someone tell me how to complete GROW CUBE, its very difficult and i want to know because ive been hours playing and cant do it. Thx

How do I complete Grow Cube???

Hya. I've beaten all the grows and really want a new one (NO RUSH I WANT DIFFICULTY), but I wanna say that this is the coolest site i've ever seen. By the way is there an objective to Pelpet?

i think you should make a grow creature. such as, starting with an egg, and ending it with it hatching.

Please some1 mail me to Sketas@freemail.lt how to complete grow cube. i will tel you hav to complete the grow RPG and grow ver 2 if you want

I beat GROW CUBE , GROW RPG (With some help) , GROW ORNAMENT , and Movie Puzzle (With some help).

Hi:) Im stuck with that chronon game! I cant get any further than 76!! Can someone please help me? How do i light the fireplace??
(Thanks for all help)

哈哈```很好玩哦 ``

for Grow Ver.3, someone mentions lava coming out of the mountains and the tornado destroying the windmill. does anyone knows what I'm talking about, and/or knows how the order goes in order for those to happen?

hi everyone, i also think that grow is a very good game, but i´m stuked with chronon!!!!!i´m now in the 72%of the game, and i can´t wait for the end!!!!!!!if anybody knows please answer me assap!!!!thanks

plz email me and tell me how to beat grow cube!

hi can some one kidly tell me how to solve cube ? please send to my email thx for co-operation thx thx

hey man. GROW is an awsome game. ive been messin around with them for hours now and their still fun. stick to the grow games though. i dont care much for the others. their just not as exciting as GROW. keep up the good work.


u r gay

Hello, I'm Mr Smart Auto Posting. I love you.

took me about 3 hours but I eventually completed both Block and the RPG.

they're such fun little games, hope to see something similar soon.

keep up the good work :)

how do i complete gorw cube its annoyin but fun ples email me and tell me

this game is sooo l337, it took me like 2 days until i just googled it,>,<, i deprived myself from food to finish it!

KKirbyz clan hl2 gmod
KKram16 clan leader!!!

how the hell do i do grow v.3

great game & very coooool idea. thank a lot.

Grow cube is hard, but fun

kual es la solucion

Your games rock!!!I love that little guy hes da best.I think you should have a grow game where you can be him so theres more freedom to roam and make choices.I am going to donate to you later so see ya!

We played all your games. Especially we like the GROW games and would become even happier if you made some new ones.
Until then we'll just be playing them again. Thank you!

Your game is simply Eyemazing! keep up the good work. Am looking forward for more of your games.

How to finish GROW CUBE,send me an email,please!!!

Plz help i havent finished any plz email me

I have beaten all of them. Loved those Grow Games. I hope you keep doing these forever!

I think I've been playing GROW Cube for a Hole hour before beating it.

Oh, and don't ask me for the steps. i didn't write them down. None of them.

In Cube, begin by the little man.

who can tell me how to play GROW CUBE?THX

It's a cool games

it is toooooo cool!!
finally finished GROW CUBE!
it's really amazing haha,
tho' i still haven't figured out GROW RPG...
very nice game!

and some of my friends just become tontie masters! crazy =)

how do u beat version 3 email me the answer

Finally completed it, been ruining me for ages and possibley cost me my degree with the amount of time i've spent on it.
Love it loads!!!

hey i cant figure out any of the grows apart from that xmas edition one but that only had six to choose from

anyone who knows please send it to this blog thnx

i ike it

i now all the grows acccept
the grow ver 3
i have found it out once but i cant remember.

grow cube grow ornament and grow rpg np ;)

ask me :D:D

I love your game that you made and Im up to Lvl 8, but it seems like I can't form a creature out of it's skelton figure. Can you email me the steps, pls?

how about a Grow Tree. No I don't mean like ornament. I mean like you make a seed grow by putting stuff in it

cam an you can do it just tray make3-7 GROW

Finishes all of them i like them :) Great job indeed.

i no the code and i have it ritten down so if u want to no u gotta let me know ^_^ this is no joke i no the answer

hye does anybody know the order for "GROW RPG" im stuck

i think its Village, trees, water. etc. but i need to make sure

How do you beat Grow 3

game suks ya all gay


I remember playing Grow RPG with a co-worker of mine at Radioshack. Had the steps written down and everything. Solved the bloody thing, then threw the sequence of steps away.

>_< (STUPID!)

Still smacking my forehead for doing that.

uhm, I might sound like a n00b (maybe i am :P) but, HOW ON EARTH do I get to the next phase of the game?? :S And i can´t make a donation =( Cuz i don´t have paypal or a creditcard :S

i hope for help!

it'd be cool to have people make characters and interact and make ur own cube neighborhoods and stuff . . .just a thought


I agree with Hexodus, you should make more versions. Infact, it'd be great if you could expand on making things go wrong if you use the wrong order. Maybe a completely different possible method? Maybe the people get hungry and eat the fruit from the trees, then one becomes magical? Then, drinks the potion in the pot, and puts on the skull?
Well, these are just ideas. You're the genius here. Please, give us more Grow!


It took me over two days~~~~HELPPPPPPPPP!

I like all of the game, thanks.

hey director, lets do a better version of cube grow. i dont mean its not good enof, actually i love it too much. mayb try one with a various of results. i think it will b better~

I completed "Grow Cube", "Grow Rpg", and "Grow ver.3". I like them very much. Thanks.


how to complete grow ver.3?

I know it is not the *cube one, but *rpg* uno.I know the stairs come last, it just the only one_ WAIT! Leave the WATER for three times at the beging part, OK?!?! Post th unos you REMEMBER, OK?!?!

I know this is not the *cube* one, but I know how to do the *rpg* one. But sadliy, I forgot:-( But, if I find that paper, I could put it here! So, so long!(p.s. If you find how to do it, post it for me, and GROW vr.3, to, OK?!?!?!

I finally completed the game

YAY took me 3 days >,<
I love this game .Gave me a headache ^-^

how do i finish grow cube

How do you complete grow cube!

Grow cube is wonderful!!!hahaha!!

have many ideas which I couldn't express in the GROW,
even I tried hard to put them on the programs.
That was so sad because each idea was so good if it is to be in it.
Especially at GROW CUBE.
It was so painful.
So I'm going to show them here today, part of them.
well,I may make them in those games by chance.
And also there were a lot of ideas, cause of lack of time for create games.
There would be 100times above.
However, It would take a half year or more to put all of them in one game.
hold back my tears, cutting out,cutting out cutting......

please i need help with grow rpg and grow 3!!! ive been playing for hours, i cant finish it and that is driving me mad!

How to win in GROW CLUB?

Grow is my absolute favorite flash game. I think you should put version 1 and 2 of Grow on the site so everyone can see how much you have improved them.

this game is driving me insane, if i dont learn how to complete it, i think i might blow my f*****g computer up

Wow, I want to know how you would get the meat instead of the head! That looks cool. I think you could make a Grow customizer engine where people could drag stuff and put what order, and so on, so that when they're finished they can post it in a gallery! That might take a lot of work though.

how do you beat grow rpg

hiya i am quite bored at the moment caus of i finished grow rpg + grow v.3 + grow cube at first try in five mins and i want you to make a new one + fast (dont tell me to go on another game caus i am hooked on grow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i just can't seem to finish the game if you know how help me please

Man, water, trees, pot, tube, fire, dish, bone, spring, ball. i hope every one has a big sigh of relief, took me ages !

Very great game. and Cool idea.

outstanding game time.only problem is that i cant finish grow cube at all, can u please help me with the order of play.you do have a gift.

man grow cube is really hard. iv been playin it for 3 hours straight and still cant solve it.PLEASE HELP!!.

The GROW series are my favourite games on EYEMAZE, I love them! Hope to see more in the future. ^^

Make them harder! I finished them all in 10 minutes!

good luck - the game is superb actuallY!

Ah right you can finish it !!

Is the Grow Cube version complete? I wonder if it is not complete, it might not be finished X_X

I play Grow Cube many times, but still can finish it.... anyone can help me ???? Please....

hey guyz i was jsut wondering..well i dont get grow cube and i want to plzy and come back to this sitebut imnot sure because i do not know how to play and its all in japanes..LOL im austrlaian!!
thanks..urs cin

I have seen a lot of people ask for hits or how to finish the game is there some where you can go to get the general idea and some hints this game is addictive.
Thank you

hey, i just wanted to figure out the GROW CUBE. It looked easy, but nope, guess not, this is very clever. could someone give me some hints? I wanna know what the ending's like.

I have idea for entire grow game, and the first item u choose determines the entire world 4 game, i will email idea to u but i cant make the game myself

i did it a little differently..... just switched two of them around... but oh wells... ahh grow cube is so coool the graphics! the little yellow men are so cute!

RPG and Cube was great ideas... but what happend for Grow ver. 4??? i that i wanna to see things like, some more number of materials and different endings, like a bad, a normal and a good one.

i need to know how to beat grow cube

I understand... but try to impliment better ideas in the next game! Also, I am a developer in flash and wonder how you go about making these games. Did you read my post about grow double,with two places to grow? It sounds like a nice idea to me.

Can me help somebody with "Grow Cube"??? The hole time i can´t finished this game!!! Can give me somebody the right way to finish it??? sorry about my bad English!!! Thank´s

could someone plez give me some hints.... i couldnt solve this grow cube.... i finished the previous two thou..

One can only dream of how hard making those grow games.

I finished grow RPG.I hope the next one comes out soon!

One can only dream of how hard making those grow games.

I finished grow RPG.I hope the next one comes out soon!


I love all you games. I think like other people here you should have a scetch book. I would think having short gif's of the ideas would be best. But keep it up and can't wait for the next grow game.

can some 1 tell me how to solve grow cube please

Hi ON~* thanks for the games! I looooove Grow and Tontie ever since the 1st time I came across your site half a year ago!!! =) even tho I don't have time to play games very often, I always come and check whenever I can~!

Personally I like Tontie more, because I still haven't managed to finish the game! >_< Whereas I already figured out all 3 Grows... some are just pure luck though! :P Grow Cube is the best of all 3~~~ I love the little people moving around... it's like a tiny world come to life! Well done ON!!! Keep up the good work!!! I'm looking forward to your next piece of game ;) Take care and be happy~*

I and my daughter really enjoy your games, I like Grow Cube and my daughter loves playing Eyesmaze.

I think Grow would be good for school children - to learn about ecology.

Thanks for sharing you wonderful games!

How do you complete grow????? It's been driving me insane!

These games are so refreshing!! Please keep up the great work. I'm leaving links to your site wherever I can.

Superb games site - I love it.

Charming, challenging and above all enjoyable games.

Yours is one of the superior game sites on the internet.

Inventive and fun - keep up the good work.

Like someone mentioned before, keep a "sketchbook" of some kind and let your idea stew around in there. That way you can use it a future Grow. Plus, it's always a good conversation piece when you and a friend look thru it and say "God, what was I thinking when I came up with that..."

Best of wishes and keep up the incredible work. :D

fucking geðveik síða :D

your grow game are really good....i love them all...and your ideals are all really good...maybe you can make different wersions so you can put all your ideals in it...^^

I've tried every game in Eyesmaze, and Cube is my favorate. I like your website a lot, hope u will make it better & better:)
By the way, many of my friends have know Eyezmaze & like it, so plz go ahead, cheer up!!

:) Hey don't feel too upset cheer up, like what Truck has said RECORD ALL YOUR BRILLIANT IDEAS DON'T LOSE ANY IDEA! GROW is one of the BEST games I've ever played u r truly creative and definitely talented!

Putting ideas down like this is a good idea. Later, when you're having trouble for inspiration, you can look back through things you've done.

'sketchbook' if you will.

Jotting down ideas you have when you have them is also good. For a person as creative as you are, you may end up with a thousand or a million that escape. If you can get them on paper, or somewhere like here in the blog, you can do 'weeding' of the 'garden' of ideas, and nurture the good ones.

Hope that makes some sense.

I also would love to see you work on whatever YOU want to, and have fun doing that. The two little games you've posted here in the blog have been wonderful, quick, and fun. I hope you have as much fun making them as we do playing them.

I'll stop groveling now, but you have talent and I felt like saying so (:

need more grow è_é

some director's cut on rgp grow?

well,If your reading this,Mr.Grow Desinger,why not make a Grow: Remix? you could include all your ideas that didnt get included in the last 3 Grows.

Grow Cube was your finest work yet. Absolutely brilliant and adorable. I enjoyed and savored every minute that I spent playing.

While it is unfortunate that you had to cut some of your work from the finished version, the world is happy now that a new Grow game is available to play.

On, you are exceptional at creating this unique and original type of game, and I eagerly await the next.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. =)


I think grow cube should have multiple ways to finish it. There should also be bad ways, like all cube turns on fire, if the fire grows too much and so on...

Why don't make 3 different versions of GROW CUBE then ? It should be easy for you. If you got a lot of ideas for a one single game just make more versions. Your cube game is anyways a great idea.


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