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A person who gave me a comment told me.
There had already been [Movie Puzzle] entried on 10.19.
There is,ah-,lots of ,many,such a game around the world!
and worse still that there had already been such a thing on the family
computer games.
In 1986 by Irem.
Irem... and 20 years ago.

ON's idea level is equal to Irem's one at 20years ago.
so bummed.
I was so bright-eyed and bushy-tailed couple days before.

My only consolation was that the difference of images, after twisted. still
It's terrible.
not Irem,at least jaleco...


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though movie puzzle is not original, and i played few, yours is way more awsome and challenging than others!!!
ive finished all the 5 grows and im waiting for the next one

make another grow game! THEY ROCK!!!!!!!

OMG i love yr site!i first saw grow cube on addictinggames.com so i visited the website OMG i love this webbie!!!!!

Hey love your site i've beat all the grows and the new chronon game it took me a while but i finally got it. i love puzzle games so keep up the good work.

Ur site rocks!!!!!!! I go on it All the time. Grow cube is your best game. You should make a grow RPG. IT WOULD BE AN AWSOME GAME!!!!!! Keep up the good work. P.S. lots of links plz

only bad thing about this website is that when i showed it to my friends, they told everyone else bout it so now im the only one who cant get the 1st grow! otherwise, GREAT!!!

I'm new to eyezmaze and Iv'e never seen games like the Grow cube before. I thought it was really fun and that the creator should make a full length game for x-box or gamecube or something. It would sell really well. Keep up the good work.

you're games are great. I first seen the site being advertised by a magazine here in oz. FHM had a special of the 50 best web sites, and I thought I'd give this 'grow cube' thing a go, and now I am hooked....now, if only I could solve some of the harder puzzels.
Keep up the great work!!!

I love your games!
I just beat all three of the grow games in the past two days after working on them on and off for about a year... I was awfully proud of myself..

You're games are wonderful. Look forward to playing more of them in the future. Good luck!

Aww, that's too bad. I really liked it and I never saw it before (in my 11-year lifetime) Good luck on making a new game that's good AND original!

bah don't worry yours is cooler anyways :P because you made it

Gotta say ur doin gr8, but i feel kinda stupid cos i cant do ne of the grow movie puzzles. ne1 wanna point me in the right direction

Well, even if somebody else did it before, I have never seen it before. It's an amazing idea!

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck :)

You suck ib lol

Duuuude! Not so excited about the movie puzzle, but i LOVE all 3 Grows! Make a cylander Grow!

Aw, in this day and age pretty much everything has been done before, somewhere. It's likely, though, that a particular thing hasn't been done very well! You see, it's the execution of these age-old ideas that count, and you're GREAT at execution!
Keep up the good work, keep up the innovation!

Your game-mind is big surprise to God in the sky, don't be sad, RUN, and don't let the Big-Sad get you down.

PS Seriosuly, I think you're a genius. Update Pelpet!

Hi Hi. I don't think you should give up on your idea. There are so many different versions of games out there. Just remember that you have people willing and wanting to play your games regardless of whether or not there is something similar out there. Point is, the way you do yours are very different and people enjoy that. I have completed Grow Cube, Grow Version 3, and Grow RPG. I've been working on Vanilla... dam that thing... =D And I have been telling all my friends to come here and play the grows. I really like those. But yea, you have a lot of fans so please don't give up. I just finished the puzzle and I liked it alot. =)

Your games rocks!
work hard = ]!!
we will always supporting you !

Sorry man, although your effort is admirable the idea is not original at all, I remember a old series of "moving puzzles" games: http://www.mobygames.com/game/moving-puzzle-cats/release-info
I think it´s a great idea to update the game in flash!

your creativity rock!
don't be depressed as your idea of movie puzzle is original!

keep on your wonder work!


Hey, for you, it's something original though. That's what matters. You didn't rip it off from another person, which is good. Most of the commercial games are just the same recycled junk, and it's good to see a guy with some creativity. :D

that puzzle game is awesome..i love it! its really challenging
i agree..i never seen this kind of puzzle before either

I thought the Movie Puzzle was an awesome idea!! I'm surprised as well to learn that it's already been invented (I've never seen that before). I had lots of fun solving the one in the last post, though :)

p.s. I LOVE your cube game.. I think it's the best online game I have ever seen.

Movie Puzzle is the best ^_^. All your other games are great to!

It's alright. Creativity is a big big unending sea. You'll rock on. XD
I found the animation to be cute.. ^^'' Esspeacially the moving hands of tontie.
Go~Go~Go! ^^

HAHAHA, you are so funny. Please don't be sad! I still enjoy playing your movie puzzle >:D

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