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Well see...

Let's start my [EYEZMAZE BLOG], this is only temporaly!
that's what I want to say, but oh dear, it's very difficult to customize this blog.
I can't get it, what is this? Is there any person to do it?
I think I picked a bad time to start this, it had just upgraded to a newer version and there's a big difference in the pages of the explanations. What should I do?
well, I've already started, can't be helped.
I try to keep this up and changes it in the near future if possible.

Yours sincerely


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I live in 11685 Las Vegas, Nevada. Have you been here before?

I´m brazilian and maybe can get out a pretty bad english. the grow colection is the greatest. I lived grow rpg. this have some real good games.
Thank you

I love your games...all of them, I just played to movie puzzle, it s simple and cool!!. Your games are the best I can do during my job time.

HI from Texas

Many months ago I completed all four versions of your "Grow" series. I am just one of the many anxiously awaiting for more!
Just giving you some "cheerleader" encouragement!!! :)

i managed to finish grow rpg, grow cube and grow v3 all in one day they are awesome though and really get you thinking

Esta padre estos jueguillos, lots of fun, espero lo nuevo, gracias, thnx

hey eyezmaze i totally love ur site i bet grow rpg and grow cube. omg is gorw version 3 hard i think ive spent over 4 hours tryin to figure it out!!!!!!!!!! isnt that crazy well thnx for all the fun.


Dear Eyezmaze!
What a great games those grow games! Version 3 I can't figure out, horrible!! Thanks 4 the time i'm spending trying. Love, light and power, Liselore

can grow ver 3 be beaten i been trying for hours

Ace website!!! with gamez! ma fab game iz hatch itz very addictive!!! thnx 4 makin v website!!!!! :p

Three phrases should be among the most common in our daily usage. They are: Thank you, I am grateful and I appreciate.

dude if u liked ff5 then u should definly play ff7!!
i love it and its super addictive!
ive beatin ff7 once with out training so u dont got to train much and there r ways to double your exp so 100mil wont be a prob. i hope u try it ^.^

see yall

can i play???

in what order can u get all of the things to max out in level? its driving me crazy!! but i love the game so much! AGH!

I love grow you should make more of them! OR JUST make GROW and none of the others even though they are fun.

I love your games, especially Grow and Tontie.
Thank you for making them! And please keep up the excellent work :)

Hi :)

Love Grow,want more of them
awesome game!


Hey On, I think this a great idea. It will tell us when new games come out and stuff. Keep up the good work. Arigato


I'm one of Tilly's friends.. this game (especially GROW CUBE no.1 *__*)is PURE ADDICTION!!

I LOVE YOU, I can't say anything else!!

Lot of appreciaments and kisses from Venice!! *__*

Wonderful games! My favorite is Grow. I like first a cube the best. Please make more!
Thank you.

Grow is awesome, Tontie is the best little arcade game ever. The music in your games is wonderful. Please keep up the good work!

I'm having a problem with Tontie v.1. When I start a new game, it won't let me save any more because I've bought saves from the shop twice before. How can I fix this?


You-are-a-genius...!I like the Grow series very much ^_^
My friends love your games too!!They can spend hours playing ;)
Thank you from Italy!

Tontie is really good.

I would like to thank you too! :) I got first hooked on the GROW series and now I spend my spare time with Tontie... I'm looking forward to your next games.

The games on eyezmaze are outstanding, probaly the best internet games i have played, ecpecially GROW.

i love eyezmaze games more than anything! i play them so much! thank you!

These games are the future, and you have SO tapped in. I appreciate your good taste and vision. Keep your quality control high as you explore new concepts. I look forward to tha blog.

Yah, this is great dude. i Have been fan of the GROW series since GROW 3. We still DEMAND grow 4 tho.

Lol, see ya pal

Great! You now have a blog :P
I must thank for your generoisty to share your great games with us first, THANK YOU.
I really like your games very much...They are so cute and interesting, the GROW series are really outstanding. I am looking forward to playing more games created by you!
And, once again, THANK YOU!

Your games are excellent~ I like it so much. ^^

i have enjoinning your games a lot of time and i want more .

Thank you from Spain, we love you :**

great games

i love your games.. i was into tontie for a while... then i started the grow series.. i really hope that you can make a lot more grow games.. ive completed and memorized the three that are out already... thanks for making such great puzzles

Your games are so cute xD

ty its a very good site, and very good games!!

y there is v3 in grow, but there are no v2????

Thankyou. Thankyou. THankyou.

I love you games--especially the GROW series. I hope you're cooking up a new GROW game right now.

Thank you for all your hard work. I really love it!

Now we can read about your enjoyment in creating new games for us to enjoy.


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