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This 2005 would be only 1day away.
Considering the record of the past year,what do you think my EYEZMAZE.
First, I created HATCH,and GROW RPG,GROW CUBE, and last was GROW ORNAMENT.

Did I do my best even I had kept several balls?
I'd make more if possible...well, next year , I will create more and more games because it has increased steadily rather than last year.
Please looking forward my new one ! I have a lot of ideas.

Thank you very much for playing my games!
I'm very happy that many people, all over the world would have played my games.
Especially the GROW at Christmas, I was very very very glad that many people played my games and sent me messages like [I love you too!]

I did well to create them.I'm extremely pleased that many people love my games.

I decide to make such games in next year.

I hope the new year will bring you good luck and happiness.
Thank you !!



why don't you you make a handhald grow cube?and pease send me the ansers for all the grows.

I love your games

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Buon luogo piacevole senza qualsiasi cosa dispari, ben progettata!

Cool. Very nice. Comon

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what do i have to do to make the cake?????

i shouldn't write it...
after hatching the egg, you have to make the little green dragon hold a bottle and just click at the rope, or the dragon will scape. And don't forget to remove that thing in the fireplace.

Hei! luogo che interessante avete fatto, ben cotto!

Hei! luogo che interessante avete fatto, ben cotto![URL]http://www.sexy.sollazzo.org[/URL]


could u make a cronon 2 plz tell me when u can cheers any way email me plz

could u make a cronon 2 plz tell me when u can cheers any way email me plz

about chronon:
i got the key...and the first egg 也孵化了...
也發現下雨天接水的那個瓶子會漏所以換了另一個...but...then??i dont know what else to do??
my score was 36/100
who got 100/100??

i love you i just love you till deathh your games are really relaly really fun good to pass my time =D and very very very addicting and i can't beat choron =P<3333

by the way, i loved all the games!!!!!

about chronon:
-to get the key, put the clock at the wall at 12:25 and it will be there at 14:55.
-to hatch the green egg, put that circular thing like a bread on the desk and the egg in the bread at 6:15. At 9:05 it will hatch.

these games were some of the best original games i've played all year keep making games like the grow series

u suck

How do you make the cake

How do u make a cake

That pic is really awesome just like all of the games!! I like all of them although sometimes they can be a bit hard and confusing. Keeps my mind going! Keep up the great work!!!

Totally asom !!

how do you make these games they look so confusing?

hey..i hav problems with the chronon...i only hav 26 points at the end!!!
how do i get the key out of the clock?i dont really understand this game..

What is the use of the mirro and the rope?(in chronon)

errr who can tell me how to post the chronon comment????please tell me

i just have to say that i LOVE your games. they are all truly great. imaginative, creative, fun, addicting. my favorites: tontie and the grow series. what level does tontie go up to? i can never get past 14. chronon is also very fun. it was hard at first, but everything really makes sense later. u have such an interesting mind. i've told so many ppl about this site. i can't wait until there's another new game to play!!

can someone plz tell me how the clock gets to 12 it dont seem to be moving

ON! We miss you so much! yuo and your games? when! oh when, will you give us a sign? a sign of a new game rising, a sign of a new game braking through the ice. When On! WHEN!


hey, just visit ur site for the 1st time! gotta 'thx so much to my friend sharing this awesome web site to me!

Gezz! u did great! i really love what u done, sure, i love ur games too. =)

just had tried vanilla, it's so cute and challangable game.

yeah, i'll share this site to my friends too =)

O_____o or 0_____o??

Hi On.
we are happy to see how good you are as a father, good job there.
But some of us still want to know the status of your game-site, are you dropping it? are you working on something?
please give us something about your game making!

we are still waiting for next grow game... :( when will it be released????? do u have any plans to make more grow games???? im waiting for version 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and so on hehehehehehe

he added a new blog O_o

it's alive at least, made a new blog XD

Seems there are lots of new ads/banner posting on this site. Well...... there should be "someone" managing the site.
How about the translator for "ON"??? please pass our massage to him.
We need his news......

Aaaaaaarggggghh!! we need more games!!!! cmon pal, you are KILLING MEEEEEE!!! >:(

If anyone can read Japanese, one could find that On has done a non-translated blog on the Japanese side, the third button on the guestbook/Eyezblog link....

At least we know that On's doing.... something....

On i realy hope your okay, and havent been killed or something cause your games are the best on the net.

If you need anything just tell us and we will gladly help you.

pleas On give us something!

LOL Anonmyous u just creeped me out there, but really ON isn't listening or dead or something. He wont post any games, replies, or anything. Maybe he lost his computer? Maybe we should donate to him so he has time and money to manage site?

foon.co.uk releases hapland 3... its really nice game like GROW games... so i hope u gonna release grow 4...pls...pls...pls...

Hey ON! Looking forward to your next game, whenever you are able to get it done and out there! btw-I made a button to link to your site for mine. Here is a link: http://ptplus.us.tt/images/eyezbttn.jpg
Hope you approve! :)

whats d next grow game????!!!
im waiting here for sooooooooo loooong...duh!
i want another grow game... will u make another one plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Where is On today?
Where oh where can he be now?
No word since Christmas...

me and Matt understants each other...

Ijust want to know if things are still coming. He could at least post to say he wasn't hit by a bus so we can all stop worrying. Besides, why can't he just hint us on next game?

im dont want him to releas another game, if hi aint ready, i just want him to post something on the site, to show he havent forgotten it

To all you guys who want another game right away: pestering won't do you any good. The next game, whatever it is, will be done when ON is satisfied enough to release it, and not a moment before.

Oh no! It has been a long time since your last game is released! Stop my waiting and release a game now! It is totally an agony! =[

your games are good but they are hard
P.S you betta hurry up on the games you slow person.

to lindz

i dont think its GROW number 3, but update nr. 3 so this is the first GROW

I do love your game a lot~!!! (especially Tontie and Grow) Many of my friend in Bangkok are addicted to them.

Please GROW on your work~!
I'm looking forward to it heehee.

Your games are great, and they can only get better. Don't let anyone whining for games pressuer you because we know it takes time to make these great games :)

Actually I want to see Grow 1 and 2. Where can I play them?

GROW ON!!! Most creative games ever!!!
Happy 420!!!

We demand GROW 4!!!!!!

i want more grow games!!!!!!! its fun!

Third month of the year, and I'm still hoping to get a new game soon. Take your time, though. I'm secretly hoping for a new Tontie, though <3

i know you may be busy, but cant you just show that you havent fogotten all about this site??

please this isnt fair its past valentines sday been 2 months

Happy New Year
Happy Valentines

haven't visited for quite a while...no more games??

Where are you!!!???

Cette foire de isnt vous havent fait n'importe quelles mises à jour depuis noël et sa Saint-Valentin passée !

Can you create more GROW games, it is really fun.

i want more i want more!!

please make moer games

its possible that he is very busy though, so i dont think that people should ask him why hes taking a while

On, I check this site al the time, and you haven't changed it for a long time. Nothing new, no new posts, not much encouragement that you're making new games. :(

You rock


i LOVE GROW cube! it's SOOOOO cute!!!

Nice games. Especially loved the GROW series. Definitely would love to see more of those. I recorded every single one that I completed. Thanks for the cool games.

Aw... no valentine grow.... that would be a cute mini-grow...

S.Valentino (14/2) grow, (can i have it?)


Great job!cute games!I love them!!

hello..I'm from China.Your games are so perfect that I have send it to all my friends.They are interested in it:)
These days are Chinese New Year--Spring Festival.
Have you ever heard of it before?
however ,say "happy new year" to you:)

when's da next game coming out?

Dude that pic is so freaking SWEET!!how can i get it!?!?!?! PLEASE I WANT IT!!!!

OMFG that "eyemaze 2005" pic is SWEET DUDE!!!! there is any way to get it????? I NEED IT!!!

Keep go on next year~
very good site~

EYEZMAZE is greatest site I've ever seen!!!

I love your games♪

Hi, i´m from Brazil ad i usually passes by your site looking for a new grow game :- )

I wish you peace and success in your work !!


love your site!!

I love the GROW games and your pictures.
It's so cute and interesting >.<

Hope to see the new games~
Have smiling days^^

i'm from Thailand la
me and my friends really like your games
don't worry ,Be happy

I support you always!
Your game is so so so so good and u are really talent in it!
Anyway, support you in making every games and they should bring to the TV games, even gameboy, NDS or PSP!
It would be great!

Keep up the good work.. Bring GROW to the Nintendo DS! multi-directional adventure grow! Man do I have ideas for that.

A little late, but best wishes for the new year. Keep up the great work!

Ya! A new game! i cant wait!

Me and my freinds all love your site! w00t!

You're great. Just keep on rolling ~^

LOVE your GAMES!!! they are all SUPERB!!!! please release more games~ cant wait to play~ thanks ^0^

As a Eyemaze fans like me, so excited to hear that more games is coming.......YEAH YEAH YEAH~~~

I'm surprised that more people haven't expressed their delight over Tontie, which is one of the cooler action games I've seen. The idea of introducing a new kind of "mole" in each level is great.

The only thing want to know is, why is the player always having to abuse the Tonties? They seem like such happy little guys, just standing around waiting, as do we all, for the cosmic hammer to strike. Their sole interaction with the (from their perspective) great mysteries of the universe is to get smacked by a mallet.

Will we get a game in which the object is to save the Tonties, or is it their eternal fate to be struck on the head, for a mere ten points a hit?

Yeah. Your games are pretty unique. Personally, I get sick of the same old, same old repeats, but here we have your site, which is strangly addictive. Keep on keeping on man, and I'll check by the site every once and a while. Just remember though, life is not all Eyemaze, be sure to keep some time with your family and friends this new year too. :P

I love your GROW!Cube game...
among the other ones...

Hi. I just discovered your Grow game and i love it. I wish you a happy new
year and keep up the good work!


Tanti auguri per un felice 2006 ^_^

p.s. it's italian ;)

> v < 明けましておめでとう~♪ looking forward to play your new games!! best wishes to you!! I love you and your games very much!! XDDD ( although I found out the X'mas grow just now..orz")

ps. I'm from Macau and I'm learning japanese (*^ - ^*)

What a great year!!! You made so many great games!!! I hope that you get the inspiration to create many more great games in 2006!!! I Wish you I verry good year!!!

You have shown great work on your site this past year.

The Grow games are superb and everything starting from the style to the gameplay is great.

I'm not the only one hoping for a tougher and more complex Grow game than Grow ver.3, but even small treats like Grow Ornament are always enjoyable and fun. No one does them better than you and people will keep waiting for the next installment for your site.

So keep up the good work and have a happy new year.

In an ironic sense, this site is "Growing" along with its series, so as long as one treats it well, it will keep "growing".

Aka: Keep up the good work! :)

I've known about your site for at least a year. I got turned on to it through a link to Tonite v1.

A close friend and I were addicted to tonite for at least a week. I played at least an hour a day.

Version 2 is amazing.

Keep up the good work!!

I am looking forward to playing your future games. Your games are irresistable and addictable!

Just wanted to say thank you for some great entertainment over 2005 - looking forward to seeing what you come up with in 2006 :)

(a UK fan)

hello, i m from Hong Kong. many friends of mine here know your games!! we are all enjoy the games, always discuss how to play them well.
i come to this site to play games about 1 year ago and since then I often come to this site to see if there are new games(just like kalikiana above^_^). and i come here now the day b4 2006. we are very looking forward your new ideas!!
be happy in new year and keep healthy!!

Since I know your games I often check ya site to see if there are new grow-games to play.

You should make more'n more games and... maybe make some kinda long-term grow? But be careful, it'd be a pitty to loose the perfect concept of getting the goal.

You've had a great year :)

All aspects of your creativity are surprising and enjoyable. Your Grow games went in directions I would never have imagined...

Can't wait for 2006!

Happy almost New Year! These games are really great, escpecially Grow RPG... Keep up the good work!

Glad to see here you made new entry! :o Kinda keep going back here to see if you posted. ^^;

THANK YOU for making your games and sharing your great ideas with the world. ^_^
Your games are awesome! :D Keep them up!

More power to you next year and good luck also.

Be happy! ^______________,^


Great site. Keep up the work. I love your games. So cute. The music is great, too.

Hey, great site you got going here :) I love your games!

In my opinion, you are one of the best game-makers out there. Your games are so unique, easy to look at, and fun to play. I don't know how you do it. You are truely a master.

Also, the GROW games are some of your coolest games, but remember that if you don't want to make them, you don't have to. I'm sure the public will love your games no matter what.



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