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I managed to release [Chronon ver.0]
Ah~ I confess to messing up on this time.
Even though it took so much time to prgram it, it is still unsatisfactory
I think it is difficult and complicated to play it based on intuition,
that's against EYEZMAZE philosophy.

Well, I had better to explain it.
The purpose of this game is to let the little yellow dwarf out of a center
The master of this house will come back at 7pm.
You make the way to escape with moving and mix-and-much things in this house
at each fixed hour until the master comes back.
Everyone can would get it so far,but difficulty arises in time axis.

For example, first,[put the pan from the wall onto the desk at 12:25],
then as far back as 6:15[put the pan into the fireplace].
after that, the pan placed in the fireplace, not the wall.
It means that situation changes the fact that pan was on the wall at
12:25,and also it doesn't exist the fact that you did first,[[put the pan
from the wall onto the desk at 12:25]]
What is more, if you do such thing at latter time[put the flour into the pan
on the desk.] Since the place of the pan has already changed above(on the
desk→fireplace), it doesn't exist the fact that you put the flour into the
pan on the desk, then the flour returns again to the original position.

These are hard to understand.
too hard to get it immediately.
And this program tormented ON.
Cause and effect do create complex and entangled elements,like the 
butterfly effect.
[do or do not something ] changes all the facts that follow.
I've learned a great deal from this.

Next game, I decide to make better one in less time.
Please play Chronon even it isn't interesting, for my effort sake.

I add some tips last.

First, set out to open the treasure box.
The key for the box is in the clock.
This clock is like a cuckoo clock,the key appears at 12pm.
and it ticks if it is on the wall, and stops it is laid down.
please adjust the time to put it on the wall.

Second, after the treasure box open,then try to hatch the egg under the
Necessary conditions for hatching is warm sunlight and the place like a
please consider it.

The purpose of this game is to let the little yellow dwarf out of a center
cage.but it doesn't mean the perfect ending.
Please find the way for the happy end .

It is very hard to finish this game perfectly, why don't you trade tips on
some kinds of communities.
More power to you!


I get to 52points... Ive already mix the things in the pan, that green thing did take the fruit and the brown thing has eaten it (with the rope)... what should I do now???? how do I light the fire?? and what else may I do???? HELP ME


please, please , please!!
someone.. help me!!!
if I make that green thing get out of the egg, I just can't do the cake! I don't know why! nothing goes to the pan! WHY?? how can I do the both things???

how do ya get the ingredients into the pot?

I made the cake n got the candle,they were eatin together.The ending seems "happy",but I got only 92pts。
I can't get the last 8pts,whatever I do.
please someone help me finish the game!!

hi i can get to 84 but cant get any further

i can get 2 84 how dou uget any further

i dont get how the time changes
do you do it yourself??

i dont get how the time changes
do you do it yourself??
i just dont get it

i just dont get this game
can someone help me???!!!???

ya somos dos españoles k no cansiguen resolverlo >^.^< ESPAÑA A POR EL MUNDIAL:]

ya somos dos españoles k no cansiguen resolverlo >^.^< ESPAÑA A POR EL MUNDIAL:]

How can I get to 9.45? I don't get this...

if soemone get 100/100, can you just post the walkthrough instead of announcing that you got it?? you're not helping at all. -_-

o man, i'm stuck, i got the milk, water, fruit, get the dog thing 2 get the fruit.... the changing thing is dat i duno how 2 use the rock under the yellow guy, ani suggestions?

I've got 100 pts. Happy Ending!

please someone can help me?
i got only 28pts
please tell me how get 100ptz any finsh the game

how can get the candle out!?i got the fire...already..mixed the soup in the pot...
but i cant cook the food..even the "cake" thing is on fire

how can get the candle out!?

This was very hard I only got a 60 some one tell me how to light the fire and how to lift the cage.

Okay, I've gotten 80 points. It seems like the cake is burning...I can't figure out a way to cook it less. Is there like a help hotline I can call?

I need to know how to get the candle, I just get the thing of the tip system there... It is very difficult.


Whaaat?! I got the candle and it only got me to 96! What am I missing...? >_<

oh thanks,
finally i've got 100!
the difference between 96 and 100 is the candle^_^


i'm get only 76/100!!!

How i get the perfect end?????


Take the clock off the hook for 14:55 ONLY. then at 19:00 there is a candle...

great game
but i just can't figure out how to get the candle,how anyone help me please?

great game
but i just can't figure out how to get the candle,how anyone help me please?

my comment never gets in.... come on! OK for the last step it's "Go to 19:00 watch them eat the bread"

I have no 9:45!
Why???HELP ME!!

How to get the candle? I have everything but it...

I finished most of the things but I can't get the candle. T__T HELP!

someone please post a spoiler...i just want to see the ending.

Although I have done 100%, I'v tried it over 20 times. It's a special game.

It seems interesting, but I can't find a logic thread to deduce needed steps.
I mean, I got 36/100 points.
I got the key, the green dwarf, the little egg, the belly bottle full of rainwater. I got pour into pan the bottle's water, the two powder bags, and can also pour poison into pan(that I didn´t cause it dislikes me).
The only logic clue I've found was the use of the clock, but after it all was a play of try and error.
I expected some logic thread to follow, and I can't find it. It is disappointing.

ditto. i really need some help! i don't know what to do =( Candle still in Clock and im absolutly confused! how do u get it out!!!

Well im going to quit this game until there are better instructions or hints and tips

how do u get the clock to 12 to get the key

yeh, does anyone know how to get the candle out of the clock. plz help!

lol i just kept clicking but i realllllllly need to get that dumb candle outta the clock!

How did you even get to the part with the candle?!


If some tells me how to get the candle out of the clock i can get you to 68/100 if i get candle cook food and get the rope tied that should be 100

How do you light the fire?!>_<

How do u get the candle out of the clock


i figured out how to pour ingredients but i duno how to light the fire....but take that metal thing out of the fire at 9:05 and flood the floor and that gets the little green guy out of the house and then click all ingredients when the pot is on the table put the wood and the metal thing back in....thats as far as i got

i understand everything but how to get the candle off of the clock.........if someone finds out tell me

if i find anything out ill tell u but for now im pretty much Stuck! =/

haha well thats dumb...this is really hard! i can't figure out how to cook or light the stupid fire!

As far as I know It's just something to hold items for you :p

another question =) whts the green guy for anyway

I'm at the same place you are and I want to know the same thing.

how do u put ingredients together im at 40/100 and i am kinda stuck. can u help, do i even need the ingredients now?

I have no idea.

wht about the glass that dosen't get filled up with rain water

At 9:05 put something else on the table. The green thing will go to the flor.

can you get the green guy off the table i did it once but i didn't know how i did it. =/ im a little confused about the other glass that doesn't get filled with water either.

I will explain what ON is explaining, just in a bit better English.

The first thing you want to do is get to the clock to 12:00. When it's hanging on the wall, it will automaticly start ticking whenever you change times. (eg. If you set it up at 6:15, it will show 9:30 [because that's the time it always starts at] and if you jump forward 6 hours and 10 minutes to 12:25, the clock will also jump 6 hours and 10 minutes to 3:40, and you have to figure out what time to set it at, and what time to stop it.)

To hatch the egg, it needs warmth, and a nice nest.

I hope that helps a few people who don't understand hhow to do those things.

how do i get the little green guy off the table?! ( the one from the Egg)

What do you do with the smaller egg?

Put the clock on the wall at 9:45, then go to 18:10. I think that should do it.

-_- send me answers plz-_-

how do you get the clock to say twelve i have already tried the combinations!

Si pones la corona en la mesa y el huevo en la corona, a 9:45, se nace una ava

You have to set up the egg at 6:15

Any tips for hatching the egg? I have it in the wreath under the window, but it does not open.

Tip for getting the key from the clock:
Try different combinations of having the clock on the shelf, switching from time to time, and having it on the wall. Eventually, you will get the right one that will put the time at 12:00

someone tell us all how to get 100/100

took some time to figure out that u can go back in time and make changes but stil i got 100/100 yay

Hiya how do u set the clock it imposoble

no cacho na del juego alguien me lo puede explicar

Some one please post how to do the game...i have no idea what im supposed to do!


how do i put the clock to 12? please help!!

Heh, that was great fun, can't think of many better ways to waste half an hour =p 100/100 and I'm glad I stuck through to the end - it /is/ possible!

Chouette jeu (même si sans aide, je n'aurais pas trouvé les bons ingrédients du soufflé) ! Vivement le prochain !


how do you put the clock a 12?? to get the key...

how do u do this

how do u light the fire


i domt umderstand it

Bonjour, je parle français.
Pouvez-vous me dire comment régler l'horloge ?

PS:en français si possible.

yeah , I'm finish 100/100. Happy Ending :)


I SUCK... I'm stuck in 32 pt.

Lushipur said:

I love this game^^
Thank you very much^^

(My score is 95/100)

Mine too!

I can't seem to be able to get that last 5% . . . whatever I do.

help!! im stuck at 40, how can i get da milk n make a da pet sit on da cage?plz sum1 post a help

I've finished with 100pt. Yeah!

how to cook........... tell me please

yeah!!!!! I finished see This game Ending!!!
This game is very fun!
very hard make 100/100 pt ..

OH MY GOSH!!!I LOVE THIS GAME SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!I can't stop playin>_<! You're a genius! it was really challengin, i got 100/100pts. though... nice ending :)
guess what? i was droolin when i see the monsters eatin their cake or watever...

it's a great game and i love the ending. ^_^

Like all the eyezmaze games, it's very challenging, yet addictingly fun. ^_^

wow what a stupid game, just want tomake u understand at what point ur losing your lifes whit immature and pointless thing like this. u should all commit suicide

P.S. i didnt found it by myself, a friend linked me and WOW i cant believe that people can be that loser. ok nowe im going to bed farewell idiots

damn i suck...16 points and stuck...

Holy Shmoly! That's definetly a nice game you got there! Made me go mad to get all of the 100 points. And still I had to see the other endings (i.e. the poison is a mean thing to do).

Keep up the good work as well as your innovativity. Your games are truly originals among existing niches.


yea uuuhhh definetly cant get anything done this is just too wierd

lol come on plz
........ -_- T_T

the egg guys outside i dont no wat to do tell us

im at 28 and its hard

im at 28 and its hard

im at 28 and its hard

O, i can get 80/100...
someone can tell me,,...
how to cook???

Erm... ON, you said this is failure but.. this game rocks!! Hard but really great! :D I just finished [with help lolz ^^;] it and the ending is very sweet~<3 Thank you for this game ON! Looking forward to new games~~ ^_____^

PS: Don't pressure yourself, ne? Move at your own pace ;) Good luck!

~ Van

¿HOw can i get the candle out?

Don't be to hard on yourself On! ^^ I like Chronon :D Kinda stuck though hehe ^^; Anyway, I keep playing cause I wanna know what will happen! :o

This is a great game, good puzzle. I can get to 64/100 . How to cook ?? who know tell me plz. I can help human but can't cook and how to make it burning( I can make a wood)

por favor algien en español que me ayude a resolver este dichoso juego que me tiene loca y no se hacerlo

Your instructions couldn't have been more convoluted or poorly written.

This is definately a great puzzle game. Don't worry about it being hard... I wouldn't say it's unintutitute, just harder than Grow. So far I've only gotten up to 80 points, but I'll keep trying.

I start with 16.
open treasure (8 points)
hatch egg (8 points)
lift cage (4 points)
-at 36 now.
I can't pour any ingredients into pot for some reason

Hi guys!

Love this game, really hard, i have to admit :) please tell me what to do with the fireplace? how to make it burning? and whats with milk from cow-flower and this little thing from the egg? what i have to do with fruits and poisoned cake? help!

36/100 <-- i suck!

i can only get 16/100 i dont get the clock thing how do you do it?

I dnt get it can someone tell me wat 2 do to hatch the egg?

totally stuck,
please explain a tad more on how to get the clock to open


i luv this one.. so hard...

got 68 so far - -


this is a cool game, tho unlike grow you can't find a way to the real ending just by yourself. using a help site, i got to 100/100, the ending is really cool!

best puzzle ever *_*

a real challenge

yes its really difficult to learn how it works

but i really like to see another puzzle time based

good work ;)

I love this game^^
Thank you very much^^

(My score is 95/100)

i can get to 76, but that's only at the very end. get the candle out and that will be 76.

I love it! All your puzzles have been so much fun.

(looking forward to tips on this one. can't get past 72 pts.)

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