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I tried to make it as a practice writing script.
Seriously just a Solitaire.
no more and no less

For your information
According to the time , 9 kinds of characters will appear in congratulation screen.
But human-beings would never let the last 9th character appear. (by TIME 9)
I prepared it for just in case.
It means completed substantially that you get 8 characters.
Good luck.


good site it s fantastic!!!

First time and time 19 *-*


Primera vez con un tiempo de 19 *-*

time 18

나름 어렵구나 -_-

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Time 20!!

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cool site, fun games... AWESOME DUDE...

WTF is with the loan stuff

nice site dude... i mean these games are notgona rule the world BUt they are CooL ! so good luck 2 game makin' :D



Hi! Cool site.

Hi! Cool site.

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There are missing: First, you should be able to add a card to a master bank by double-clicking it and second, i dunno

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yeah dancin um... tingys still loove lauren

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Time = 2 !!! Who does better? (actually I think that my connection to the Internet was low, and thus I got this incredibly low time... Usually I finish by 10...)
I'm happy I saw your last monster! Thanks :)

Time of 11. Still eight characters. Working on time of 9...

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i got 7!!!! yay*^_^*

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The secret to winning in less time is to line up the kings under the aces so you have less far to go in dragging cards

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finally make it time 9....the congratulations scene is very beautiful!!

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daNk u vOor heT LuiisTereN aaN Me.
xPureAngelx GewOoN eeN meiiSjje prOduCtiiOnnS.x

=___= i only got 6~

time : 7 !!!


What are the units of time here? It has nothing to do with the card dealing because I can get to time 23 by leaving a game alone and not touching it.

Hi! This is cool site!

wow. I needed 17.

7? Damn, and I was happy when I got 9!

I got 7

With substantial effort, I finally solved it by 10. Yes... I'm thinking that 9 or less is probably humanly impossible.

Is anyone still posting to Chronon. I just found this site this week. Chronon is driving me up the wall. Any help out there?

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아 재밌다 ㅋㅋ

WOW! Beautiful!
Hard to make it in time 9, but in many tries... i managed to.
Nice the nineth animal.

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after 6 hours,finally got 23, as same as my first try.....

Mindenhol van. :)

ja, das spiel ist echt cool! ich kenne es zwar schon sehr lange, aber ich mag es immer noch und freue mich, dass sich auch noch so viele andere für das spiel interessieren. ich hoffe, dass ihr mich versteht.

ooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmggggggggggggggggggggg check it out

fuk me fuk me

yay i got best time 13 on my first go with 9 characters =] hmmm wonder how low can go...the not being able to double click is rather annoying tho =[

한구이 대다해호

I like the game but I think you need to be able to double click on a card to put it up so that way you can get a lower number

that is cool

magyar itt nincs?

cardgames cardgames

Very cool! I got the 9 characters with the best time of 8, after several tries ^^

Nice game, I got 8 characters (Best Time 19)

When moving a card stright from the deck to the 'ace' positions, the game does not check for win. Costed me an additional point in time, because I had to move a king from ace down to the free slot and back.

Yay, I finally finished on time 9 and got all 9 characters! ^_^

I've got 8 charcters,by time 18.
I've tried very much,but time 9 is just too hard for me
anyway,eyezmaze got very fun games!
keep it up ;)

time = 24 - all characters.
Thanks for a fun time with all your extremely creative mind games.
Good SHOW!
Albuquerque New Mexico USA.

lol i love this thing.Is so cool.lol.It is the shit.

lol i love this thing.Is so cool.lol.It is the shit.

yesss!I got all 9 ! (time = 29)

all your games rules!
keep it up!


eyezmaze.com got so many fun games!!!


time 8

i got time 9!!!
n for sure...
i got the 9th character!!!

What is the ninth caracter?:)

i think in the top row mest arrange like this

spades, hart, diamond and club the last

another thing is the first card of eatch suits call A not 1

Best time : 16:P

oh yeah!!! Time: 18 \m/

Lol, i was trying to make it for days, and now at 2:49 AM I did it!:) Time: 26. I love your works, great stuff!

i got 28 time and 9 characters????? another virus....

i got 9 times!*_*

hehehe... yay!!! me got time 9!!!! :P

FINALLY! Time: 19

yay i have won this game and i've only used 35 time *wateva u wanna call it*

Solitaire is cool but the problem is that I can never finish the game so I can never see the congratulation screen for this game. That is what I hate! T_T But this game is fun anyway. Hope to see more games that are fun ON! [I'd like some more GROW planets!]

lo acabe en 1148 segundos, animaos no es imposible

me again, I got time 8

sorry, im the one who posted the below comment. don. babun is the 23/24 hatch character. the 8th character, the sludge monster in solitaire, is tinta, the 22/24 hatch character. i got all the hatch characters!

th ninth character is don. babun, from hatch.

omg! wtf is the 8th character! i got it in time 19...does it change as i get a better score? anyway...eyezmaze rules!

I did it, time 9, I tried 5x times, I always ime 10 & 11.
The 9 character is purple with 2 small characters (yellow and green),I like the 2 small characters.

13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13


Hey, whos the 9th character??? tell me now please. I love you Mr. Eyezmaze. your pure floating and growing genious!

Zomg, i get the 9 characters *0*

I only get seven....sic, I´m sad

if you get atleast 7 characters, you will find that the winged creature from chronon appears in the box furthest to the left. its action is holding various items (round bottle, jug and mirror)that also can be found in the game chronon. ON, i was wondering if this is a clue for the game. i have figured out how to get 100/100, but it would be interesting to find out.

lol. I like Solitaire.
Nice work ;). The congratulation shot is cute i like that >.<.

hey! me again. i finally won...in 25. i got 7 characters....time for...BONUSES!

you need to show all the cards at7 sec to able to getthe last character
p.s. i get it in 9 sec

how to play?!


i won in 16sec and i get the congr screen with 8 character (7 card slot + 1 bonus)

nice thing is that if i put cursor over the best time, i can see the congr screen everytime i want ;)

I only saw 7 characters...

i jus won! idid it! but...hey.. where's the cogradulations screen? it didnt appear! was i supposed ta do something with the cards? help me plz..somebody!

i cant stop playing!!!

i like the timer, but this game needs a one-move-undo button

How do you play Solitaire?

once again, im addicted to solitaire

aww man, not this kinda game, takes forever...*keep playin until i win* XDDDDDD

really nice game ^^
was fun to see the congr screen


ON wrote:

According to the time , 9 kinds of characters will appear in congratulation screen.
But human-beings would never let the last 9th character appear. (by TIME 9)

why put a 9 character if nobody can get it? ;_;

dude wtf. its frikin impossible to complete this thing, and grow cube.i mean seriously, im always like 2 steps away from beating grow cube.

I like the way the click and drag of the cards works, nice subtle touch that.

I CANT WIN. you've made me really angry, ON. lol. all your games were clever and original. and here is this simple game, and i cannot beat it. everyone is talking about how amazing the congradulations page is...IM GOING INSANE!

great game

Excellent Solitaire, definitly something you should add to your mini-games listing! Love the congratulations screen when you win! *hugz tigtly* Keep up all the good work hun!

nice game, especially the congrat part

really like it...

Pretty standard fare, and it all works. I like what you have done with the end game, though its amusing for nothing to be in the first box...

I'm also slightly amused at the fact that you count how many times the player asks for dealt cards instead of number of times the deck is replaced or the actual amount of time in seconds... works okay I guess.

I don't really like the solitaire but love the congratulation screen, always loved the congratulation screen of your games.

I like the congratulations shot. I see everyone - pelpet, tontie, vanilla, grow monster, chronon imp, grow cube man and the egg from hatch. It's like a family!

Aaah, I'm not so food at Solitaire. Make a Freecell! ;)
But Solitaire is a thing, which each Coder should have coded once in his life.

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