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GROW ver.1

Thank you very much for your waiting!!
I release GROW ver.1.

This took so much time, yet you may finish it in 5 minutes.
Well,please enjoy this game as you turn your favorite picture book.

In fact, my 4 years old son looked forward to getting the game
developed every day.
If you have children, you may enjoy it with them.

GROW ver.1


hoola soy ariana ablo castellano como estas quiero novio amigo o amigas a y yo soy nuebaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!

askooo este juegoo me aburre

I love your games, I just played Chronos. If you need any brazilian (portuguese) native translation, please let me know.
Thank you so much for such great games!

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(just try to say in japanese)

i think underground tontie's land are more lovely than the earth,
but i love universe scene at the most.

hope to see any funny work leter

Hey, I am a huge fan of all your games, but my question is, why do you neglect this site for months at a time? Wouldn't it be nice to update the site with small messages just so we know we're not anticipating nothing.

You know, these creatures would be PERFECT for the HATCH today! Especially the vampire kitty with the top hat that goes 'BUOOOON!'

I love your games, they're so nice!
Bye (:
PS: My english level impresses me.. I suck ^^

I know how to solve this: first, click on the shovel, next, the watering can, then, the water (not milk), next, click on the salt, then the land, then the trees, at last, the cans of spray. (?) is it spray?

I know how to solve this: first, click on the shovel, next, the watering can, then, the water (not milk), next, click on the salt, then the land, then the trees, at last, the cans of spray. (?) is it spray?


Version.0 was awesome.

but what's with that gray box near the hammer in the trontie cavern?

I'm sorry, ON. We are really ticked off at gannon because he isn't showing us that 'awesome' game of his. BTW, MAKE MORE GAMES!!! (email me please^-^)


just can't help wondering whats next....my money is on chronon ver.1

and also....zelda vs. gonnon????
i have looked for it on google, but it does not exist.
Its very mean to say you have sometyhing great, and then not show us it. You are either mean or a liar.

You are awesomer than the awesomest awesome awesome awesomer awesomest awesome awesome awesome!!!! MAKE MORE GROW!!!! w00t!!! BTW, Zelda vs Ganandorf, please show us this 'awesome' GROW of yours--OR ELSE!!!!

zelda vs. gonnon, could you post this amazing game of yours on the internet so i could play it?

I absolutely love it~!! it's adorable no matter what you do! even if it's not quite the perfect ending. I love your creativity and the characters you create. Keep it up =]

I insist that will be a hebrew translation of:

I'm very happy if you enjoy my games including the how to solve them.
I reduce the text introductions as much as possible, because I hope everyone all over the world can play my games.
I try to make them intuitive, but there may be some confusing things.


אני מאוד שמח אם אתם נהנים מהמשחקים שלי, כולל מהדרך לפתרונם.
אני ממעט בהסברים בטקסט כמה שאפשר, מכיוון שאני מקווה שאנשים בכל העולם יוכלו לשחק במשחקים שלי.
אני מנסה ליצור אותם כך שיהיו אינטואיטיביים, אבל ייתכן וישנם כמה דברים מבלבלים.

Remember - Right to left.

this was phenominal.
I got it right the first time. I have never gotten it right the first time.

Just amazing.
A fan in Canada.

Great big thanks!!!
Your games are under the best little games on the Internet.
What is so amazing about your games is the fact, that they work not only
with gameplay but also with fantasy and pictures.
It is so very amasing how you let us all take part in your very own
If you continue your work I possibly will compare u to J.R.R. with his elben world! ;)

Please make more games like them!

In my opinion the Grow 1 should have a decision in all points. It should be "death" decisions like the one when you kill the Tontie with the weight.
Then it would be perfekt.

I love your games


i made my own grow game!!!!
it has over a 1000 things to choose from!!i call it grow world,it goses like this,grow cave man town
grow indin town grow kingdom, than grow a realtime city!!!!

By the way, I made sure to see all 13 combinations - I wouldn't want to miss a single one after all your hard work! :)

Amazing, wonderful, perfect.

Your animation is stunning, as is your transformative imagination.

*Loved* the Tontie almost-ending - seeing what goes on under the Tontie game is fantastic :)

The final ending was awesome... all those happy memories floating by! :)

[by the way, did you do the 3D by hand or does Flash have tools for that? Very impressive!]

this game is wonderful.

if you want any russian translater - call me.

Funny game, i like it very much, especially with the little guys undreground. All your games are so cool! I love this site!

great game i prefer games that take quite a while to figure out, but i liked all the all the different little things :D
good job

AWSOME!!!!!!! Make more like it.

You're great! I'm from Italy and I will give your link to all my friends! Thank you for your job! Ciao, Franci


lovely imagination, animation n' execution~

i juz love its simplicity!

plz keep on this pace for bringing more funny stuff 2 us~
dun either get too rushed or tardy~

Best Wishes 4 EYEMAZEers in 2007!

Hey, am I the first one to notice that that "Zoo Keeper" site has a version of Tontie that we've never seen...?
Either ON gave them a new copy, which he didn't put here, or someones stolen Tontie and altered it...

Wow. You are my role model. Keep up the good work.

thanks fir ur new game, also ur site! it make fun to me !

way too cool to be over so soon...

i loved(!) the underground base! too bad the actual solutions had so few deviations....

i love your style! keep going! and best wishes for 2007

this is very good!!
final grow is best-

ON, I like all of your games, and this new Grow, while being very easy, is the most enjoyable. I love the fact that there are so many multiple ways to end this one!
Keep up the good work.

Although it was much too easy, and ended too quickly, i loved the creativity of your imagery. i just wish there was so much more! can we clone you? I think a team of 10,000 ON's would be a good start in the right direction.

I enjoy the max ending as well as others non-max ending! the tontie underground base is so lovely! keep up your good work! ON thank you very much~

They're not my children, but my little brothers and I enjoyed the game immensely. Thank you.

Too easy, but its fine.

I hope you'll bring us a new xmas grow ^^

ON, your games are truly unique, inspiring, and brilliant! Even what you consider your "failures" are wonderful!
What are you going to make next? A new Tontie, Pelpet or Hatch? Another GROW or Chronon? An updated GROW CUBE with some more of your wonderful ideas in it?
Well, whatever it is, I look forward to your it, and I hope that you continue to use such brilliance in the future!

I love this GROW game!! The Tontie underground house was great! I also loved the undo feature! I admire your imagination :)

This is great!!You are so talented and such a great creator!The music is so cute too,where do u find it?hehe
Hope you make more soon!

I love the Tontie colony! A red Tontie is falling asleep on the left. So cute!!! Maybe you should include a section of the profiles of all your characters!!! It's like an Eyezmaze family now.

although it took some time the results were completely satisfying thnx very much for another great game.

Even though this one was easy, I probably enjoyed it the most.

Great grapchis but to easy i got it on my first shot i love even if it takes ages to do. Because it occupys you, and then when you do it you feel great because you desvered it

This is utterly brilliant! I love the tongue-in-cheek look at the Tontie world :D

Wow! I loved it! Hey, I was wondering, are you going to make any games based on the things floating in the sky after you "won" the game. If you do, that would be like really cool!


I love your world, especially Tontie and Grow.
Little tonties have clickable stone board.
What's it?

I love it ?

If it was developped after Grow 2 and 3, why is it called Grow 1 ?

I don't understand.

But I love it.

And I love your visual universe.

Thanks for launching this new game, it was well worth the wait, good fun and looks great.

Keep up the good work and I can't wait till your next game.

this is a really really great game!!!!

but is there only 1 max answer?? i love the little tontie colony but i wish i could max it out.

one word to describe this game: AWESOME!!! >.<

เกมสนุกมากๆ ครับ
ถ้าต้องการคนแปลไทย ติดต่อมาได้ทุกเวลาครับ

All your games are very cool!
If you want some Thai's Translater = contact me.
Thx for your games ^^

This new grow is fantastic.
They are not so many words that can describe the experience of such a game...
Just one of them : FANTASTIC !!!

This Grow has the best animation from all the games you created. Visually, it's amazing.
The game is very easy... ridiculous when comparing it to the other grows. I finished it on my second try. However, seeing all the outcomes is the best feature here and that underground Tontie ending was much cooler than the actual ending.

All in all, I think it's great and it's easy to see that you put a lot of work into it. Great job! Still, I'd enjoy something as challenging if not more, like the other grows.

I'll keep an eye on this site, just like I have the past two years. Looking forward to the next game.

Great work.

> I think you only get the UNDO after you find the solution.

Ah, that seems to be the case. No wonder I didn't notice it before then!

i love the underground thing...

unbelievably incredible grow !

You should've never abandoned this way of playing GROW. This is the best version of GROW there is.


wow! a Tontie colony!




I think you only get the UNDO after you find the solution. In this one more than others, you get the feeling that you win no matter what choice you make. I have a 4-year-old, too, and he loves all the GROW games. Thanks!

great game!

It's a wonderfull grow game, I loved especially the underground part.

It's a wonderfull grow game, I loved especially the underground part.

You are awesome.

You are insane.

You are insanely awesome.

This one isn't much of a game but it's fun to watch all of the little animations nontheless. Thanks for putting in an 'undo' function to make it easier to walk the tree though (although in this case I actually stumbled across the solution on my second try before I even noticed the undo button).

I like this setup much better than the other GROWs.


Who has gotten the solution?

This is the cutest game ever! I'm sure kid's as well as adults would enjoy this! I love how you incorporate your previous characters into this game! Thank you for all the hard work! You made my weekend!

so funny~!

Thanks for making such wonderful games! So when is Grow v0.9 coming out? :D

woot first

Woot first

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