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The best of GROW

Thank you very much for your answers of the best GROW.
I'm appreciated that more people gave comments than I expected.

I summed it up, I am ashamed of manual counting ...

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I gave 1 point to the No.1.
When someone was hard to choose between the 2 games, I gave 1 point to each

At the top is<CUBE> as everyone expected.
<Island>was good second.
I didn't expected that.
It is owe to the hidden ending I think.

The 3rd one, <RPG>

These games are big 3 games in the EYEZMAZE.

For me as a creator, I want more point for <TOWER> and <ver.1> than this results.
By the way, I surprised at <nano3>.
It got 6th even it's name is nano.
Many people said [almost][ it's as good as the top] for <nano>.
If I changed the way of counting, it might make it higher up.

It took less time to make <nano> than other games.
Only the right way has good animations.
Is the concept of this game good?
Ah, it couldn't gain such a popularity if the head wouldn't fall at the end of the game.

Well,this time was an only GROW questionnaire.
If and when the opportunity arises, I want to have a questionnaire on the other games.
Someone said [Dwarf complete is the best.]

I want to do it by an automatic CGI questionnaire form as possible.
But I'm sure that it will soon be full of terrible spam comments.
Does anyone know the CGI questionnaire form with the highest-security level?

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*contribution rule
Comments (71) (newest at top)

Danny Wong:

I'm NO 1!


Sweet set of games, you should make a grow city or grow house, I love grow island,cube,nano v.3 and tower.


I think RPG is the best!


the results:
cube: i would of said island
island: i would of said cube
RPG: agreed!
tower: agreed!
V3: agreed!
V3 nano: agreed!
V1: would of said xmas
V2: would of said V1
xmas: would of said V2
V2 nano: agreed!
V1 nano agreed!


"For me as a creator, I want more point for "
surely i like but you ask for most favorite. is fun but it have only 5 piece.


i like island cause its extremely cute, not because of the special ending
and as someone said please make a grow house/city cause it would be so awesome!


So the creator also think that tower is more attractive, haha.
Anyway, if you want to do another investigation of which one is the hardest, I guess the Island would come to the first place.


about Island: there's a hidden ending, that's good. But, what about a Grow with 3 or 4 solutions?


A question to anybody: Is there any other people than me who are waiting for a big, giant, enormous GROW on PS3, Wii, or Xbox 360?

It'll can be a GROW derivated from GROW RPG, where you can play like a tontie, a hatch, a tree from vanilla, a human, the hero of DWARF, a PelPet, the little demon with wings and horns and look like a potatoe that we can see in GROW ver 1, after the egg and the night, and in GROW tower, after he past in the big machin, etc... Wow, There are many people in the casting!

So it would be a big adventure game where everything, every principles, and even the gameplay will be based on the GROW evolution.

Oh, I precise: it's just an idea...


I tried to make my final ranking,but at the end I wanted to check if the nano vol.1 was the speed game or the "guess where to click" game,but altough I used shift+click,it still opened in this page,and my ranking went *BOOOOOM*,and I can't redo everything with the same comments,so I will go quickly on a few things.

About Tower,it did end up at 9th position when I did my ranking.It's not about the graphics or the animations I think,more about the background or maybe the "spirit" of the game.

I put nano vol.1 before nano vol.2 (but they are still at the last places lol)

X-Mas got a better ranking for me,because I remember it and feel like playing it at the end of the years ^^

Yeah,nano vol.3 is a good game (and yeah it would not be that great if the head didn't fall lol)

When I voted,I put Ver.1 at 2nd place because of the "multi-ending" and "no real bad ending" sides.Especially the 2nd part make it unique among the games,but it may not be something to could change the direction of votes alone.

This time I post because it's all destroyed in another accident (oh yeah,by the way,it's "guess where to click" for the answer of the question that caused my first try to crash)


I have used SurveyMonkey.com before for surveys and that had no spam issues. It is free up to a point. Give that a try.

My 4 year old daughter and I love the games! I heard about them from PC Magazine's 178(?) free software that you were listed in. Good work! We are both amazed at the creativity of your games. I have never seen anything like it and the quality is amazing.

My daughter's favorite is Grow Ver. 1 and my current favorite is Cube but I want to solve Tower as well.

Thanks for the creative and engaging experience!



Basically the more complicated the better.


Nano3 maybe is not very difficult, but it is a very nice game. The human factor plays also an important role!
Thank you again for all these beatiful games!


MORE GROW ISAND!!!! (it not because of the alt. ending!)


Yayyy !
I'd have said Island as #1 but Cube ain't bad either :-).
So, when will the next one be out :-P ?
Awesome man, keep on doing what you do best and good luck with that !


I love grow games my favourites are island and tower and im from espain cotinue doing grows

tonting tontie:

space station


More grow games please!


Island is best because it's just an awesome concept, graphics, outcomes etc etc ... would be my favourite even without alt. ending!!!


its too hard to choose between all the games. I like all of them, but when you say the best, then it gets tough. I chose island because my sister and I thought it is one of the cuter ones.


I must admit, even though this wasn't a game, it was quite entertaining. You are very talented.


I think GROW CUBE is the most polished out of all the Grow series.I think you should make a Grow pyramid.


Yeah, I think that you should make a GROW City!

P.S. If you are going to make a game on a console, do the Wii's WiiWare, so that you can do the point-and-click/drag thing. Also, you could make new grow games available on Wi-fi.


if you had included jobs, dwarf complete would be one of my top likes. :)


I'm a bit surprised that Island made it to #2. I don't think it's bad - in fact, it's my favorite - but to me it felt like one people would forget too easily. I guess I was wrong, but I'm glad I am.


I've a question: will you make a GROW island 2 with the items that we can see at he end of the game?

I wont repeat "make a GROW on Wii or Playstation", but I'll tell you: why don't you make a team? a graphist, a programmer, etc...? And you can make a GROW on PC? You can also post a subject where you ask players to give you ideas for this big maxi-GROW game.

But it's just some ideas...


pls cr8 more grow games


grow city would be great :)

Holly the Lil' Human:

Wow. I only discovered your games today, but, BOY am I impressed! I especially love G Cube-Woop! 1st place- as it has a more polished feel. A G City would be brilliant! Maybe more in the Cube stylee. I agree with you, I thought G Tower should have achieved more- if only for the adorable graphics (and the color-changing blob monster!) Thanks loads for your dedication I beautiful gaming....


If only we could log on and chat... *sigh*


Okay i got a little question for you the creator... What problem are you using to make your grow game and if you can tell me send me your answer to my email adress: je_741@hotmail.com tank you


I really enjoy all of your games. Especially the GROW ones :)


Hidden endings are fun. I used to play ver 3 for hours trying to figure out if there was a solution with the volcano and the little alien, I'm still not convinced there isn't. xD


Hi, I LOVE you website! I have an idea: Grow Town/City! It would be very fun. But also, I notice a mistake. On your homepage, at the top where it has the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places for this question, it has "Grow RPG" as the 2nd. On this page, it has "Grow Island" as the 2nd. Which is the correct? It is similiar for 3rd part as well. On homepage it has "Grow Ver.1" as 3rd, here it has "Grow RPG". Which is the correct?


i can't get the cube right


well all Ur games are so great ;D, u just make people chose what of those are greatness for each one. Keep up the good work as always ^^ i seriously enjoy all u game´s ;D


I just find it funny that Nano ver.1 go last place...but cube does not surprise me, best game ever...


So, everyone's okay, we want GRIW city!

John Speno:

My kids and I really like Dwarf Complete. My eight year old son says his favorite is the newest, Tower. I think that all of your games are wonderful and we're looking forward to seeing what you do next.

All the best.


Grow tower is my favourite and I think it definitely deserves to be higher on the list. I think people might relate better to the little people in Grow Cube and Grow Island and that is why they got more votes. But the complexity of the animations and the different ways that all the objects interact makes Grow Tower the most enjoyable. I never minded losing when I played Grower Tower because the outcome was always special.


thast a good idea you shoould make a grow city


unexpected result. well cube one was neat, but i definately found RPG much much much more fascinating. : 0 and the one with that frustrated guy XD I LUUUUVED THAT ONE! nothing unusual it won 6th!
dwarf complete.... nice game, but took forever to "complete"


and i feel sorry for tower! it was brand new game but still 4th : < though i really loved it! but i still LUV RPG! surprising the cube one the 1st. well, it was nice, but not as nice as RPG!

dwarf complete was confusingly, stressfuly, fascinating, but took real long time to complete


i want to buy your game merchandize .... LOL


i like island even tho i cant beat it cuz its so cute and u get a little family with a kid :D


Well i guess i can post again :P

ALL GROW GAMES ROCK MY SOCKS i play them every day especially Grow Nano v3 and cube.

I always wonder how does he make these games maybe we can make tons of other grow games like GROW BURGER XD


Dwarf Complete Rocks!

Comrade Mateo:

I really liked grow island and tower, and think they should have gotten 1+2 but ah well. Also, I like the idea of a grow city.


I personally think people liked Cube, Island, and RPG the most due to the little guy that runs around.

In my opinion though I think more work still could be done on Ver.1 because there are still many empty clicking spots.

I also would love it if there was a Grow Island 2 that incorporated more options that you could click.

Well anyways the stuff that the creator has made so far is fantastic. Keep up the good work!)


I love this website. I think island's the best, and cube should be a close second.


Nobody has posted in a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time.


hi you should make a grow tontie.

Oh, and to the people out there, you should take a walk.
While you are at it, think about what you see.
Please fill in these four columns:

Evidence of Recycling: Things that you see that prove people are recycling. Ex. full rec. bins

Evidence of Cleaning Up

Things I Appreciated in Nature: Stuff that you really liked or thought was pretty.

Concerns: Stuff that you are worried about. Ex: Litter


i wont to play


There is something wrong with AM/PM.
I know I wasn't up 'til 10:18 PM.
You should switch AM/PM.


LOL i have played most of your games and i think they are amazing :D

Thank you so much for contributing to the flash games scene :)

Free Flash Games


the gammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmes arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre




D Gamer:

Whoa. Grow Cube is on top! I had feeling of that, since I read many of its reviews. Personally, I agree, since it was a good shot at clicking instead of dragging. (Which was tiresome)
Grow Island is one of my favorites, especially because I hear Japanese-styled music when everything is almost there. I, too, would agree.
Grow RPG on 3rd? I don't think so. I can't even beat that dragon, whom I had named Spyro, which I have tried for days! Can someone help me there?
Grow Tower is your latest and one of the best Grows! I think I'd agree, especially because the "Congratulations" music is one of my favorites.
Grow v.3 on 5th? I guess it could be there. Thanks to that "Flash shutdown", it must have lost some of its popularity. It's also the toughest! People kept booing at me for like 5-10 tries!
Grow Nano was one of my favorites, probably because the man's head fell off! It related to the time when you caught the flu. (Or something like that)
Grow v.1 on 7th? It was O.K, I guess. I liked some the results, such as the Tontie Kingdom.
I don't get why Grow v.2 and Grow X-Mas are near the bottom. I liked them.
The last two should definitely stay there. They are either too short or too boring.
Well, that's all I have to say. Got to go! Bye!


d gamer you should definitely start catching up i beat up "Spyro" and if you have any questions ask moi


yes I am Nathaniel's bro and Here's a hint: store=#1


heyy check it i love this game so cooola ae


I forget: Why did I say "Hint: store=#1" ?


I am working on a graph just like yours only it won't be a flash animation. I'm putting it in a spreadsheet and will post when it is ready.


OH yea, because store is first...

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