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It started at a certain evening when I had put on 'Laundry basket'.

I have a 3 years old-son born in November, 2002.

When it comes to be bedtime, I and my wife take my son to upstairs in the
bedroom and say good night.
On that particular day, I just happened to enter the next closet room
while my wife was making his bed.

Then, A laundry basket was there.

It's natural for ON

to pull it over my head.

Then,my wife and son came into the closet room...

my son busted into laughing.

Since then,
it became a pattern to perform instant histrionics every every night.
already over 100days.

My son goes to upstairs in a state of happy expectancy tonight too.

ON beats my brains to meet his expectations.

This page is the blog to record of the all performances fully.

well,there may be meny confusing thing like inside joke,'cause these
performances are basically for my son
Please through such things.


You're very silly.

Hi ON. Congratulations on your delightful blog. And even more congratulations for devising that amazing grow puzzle.

I hope to write a story about you and your puzzles for the June edition of The World's First Multi-National e-book,posted at http://www.bdb.co.za/shackle

Please send me details such as your name, age, home town, and interests, for inclusion in the article.

Best wishes, Eric (in Sydney, Australia).

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