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April 22, 2006

The highest adventurer [Bouken blue]

" Boukenger ! "
"Start up ! "
kyuiiiin !

" The highest adventurer [Bouken blue] "


Oh !

I found it !

You're changing?

But very low place, even you are the highest adventurer.

On the ground

And that, he has eyebrows again.

son's reaction

Also low as his reation is.


Oh no ! there aren't eyes !

[ relation ship ]
Lego accellular
Hi ! I'm Doraemon.

Boukenger(You Tube)

April 20, 2006

DX Daibouken

" Dump ! "
" Formula ! "
" Gyro ! "
" Dozer ! "
" Marine ! "

" GO ! GO ! "

" Here goes ! GOUGOU Formation ! "

(below, ON sang the theme song for Boukenger.)


susume boukenger
(Go ahead boukenger.)

chikyuuno hate made
(to the utmost ends of the earth )

mezase boukenger
(head to there, boukenger)



DX Daibouken !

son's reaction

To tell the truth, this is recycled.
I've already finished this Daibouken itself before I started this blog.
This time, conbinating evolution.
It is not simillar to the real one, how to conbine each vehicles.
feeling !

Oh, Daibouken is the huge Robot
which appears in [GO GO sentai Boukenger]
Please wait until it starts in the other countries
as a new power ranger.


well, my son starts to attend to the kindergarten,
this is the 3rd day.
My wife dropped him off to kg,
and she told me how he was like, that he cried a lot.
Everyone heard of his crying voice.
Ok, ok, my son. nobody's fool.

DaiBouken Formation

Boukenger Opening

April 19, 2006

Hi ! I'm Doraemon.

[ Hi ! I'm Doraemon. ]

What? Can you hear Draemon's voice?

Where is he?

Oh !

I found him !

The slippers of Babarbight turned into Draemon !

And that, it doesn't look like the real one.

He has eyebrows !

Son's reaction

You know, my son doesn't know Draemon well.
His reaction showed that's not good enough.
Ofcourse he couldn't understand it's unlikeness.

right about face

April 15, 2006


Today, the masuque of Venice, which my son loves, my parents sent us.



Dancing again!

son's reaction

Well, today I intended not to kick him up,'cause he is going to attend the
kindergarten from tomorrow.

He makes it a habit to play with what I did last naight .
If I gives him what he is exited very much、he would be hooked it and
says[I don't go to the kindergarten!]
So, I kept my desires under control.
The first day is more important than anything.

April 13, 2006

LEGO Accellular

I made one of the GoGo sentai Bokenger's item [Accellular]
with LEGO just like the real stuff.

This is the real one.

Oh!no,not look a thing alike.
But it can't be helped.
We have only the basic set of LEGO,
so it's very difficult to make something
with this set.

Here's movable one.

You can do such actions.
[over 130 of hazard level]
[It must be a Precious]
(said Bouken Pink)

and also,you can do like below.

[Bokenger ]
[Start up!]

I made this part with a tyre part of Lego.
So you can sidewipe it to act Bokenger's changing.
Oh oh,only Bokenger watcher can understand what I told.
Check it up!

son's reaction

OH! hypercool for him.
The best hit ever before!


Well, I have mixed feelings.
He likes this Accellular made in 15minutes,
rather than The robot made in 6hours.
It's very hard to catch kid's hart.

Incidentally, there is a hidden character.

April 10, 2006

The Robot cabby [Felipe]

My son starts to attend the kindergarten from this week.
This is a kind of cubby for him

to put kindergarten items together,uniforms
or bags and handkerchiefs,tissues,underwear,socks.

He is going to prepare by himself to go there every morning.
So I made it to bring him a lot of enjoyment during preparing.

Well, it took a long time this time,net time 6hours.
and I'm not done making it yet.
I've finished a framing,but it looks a little unattractive.
I try to complete it with painting or covering with a paper in the future.

His name is [Felipe].
His mouth is a paper train toy,
a rose is on his head.
He loves trains and flowers.

son's reaction

I'm happy he loves it.
Have a good time with Felipe,my son.

A ***** ********* which appears in this year too.

This is a familiar ?box in this brog.


Here it is!

Again! The insect cage!

Zoooooom in.

Not to be swamped with complaints, this picuture is obscured by a
computer-generated mosaic.
Please click it,if you want to see it.
It is a house centipede which appears in this year too.
Oh, well, no big deal. It is such a small one.

I just figured I'd let you know that I hate incects or worms.
rather than ladies.
All the more reason, I must to hold it,
not crush it or all the money in the world, or if it run away after using
bug killer, I can't concentrate on my work.
That's why I hold it to make me feel safe.

but,once I take it into a cage, I gaze it for a long time,
like a counterphobia.
I found it has a cute eyes than I think, I become attached to it after being with it all day long.
I gave it water not to kill cause my son wanted to see it next day. It came to water and drink it as fast as it could.
I thought[ oh, you have been very thristy. I'm sorry.]

Then, I named it [swan].

my son's reaction

He was very interested in it as well as a spider.
Such child doesn't feel creepy.


[ The fatal caputuring mission ]

This time, it was very difficult to caputure [Geji]
I could not anything at first cause it was at the corner of the
ceiling.After I considered for a long time, I took a cleeener. coverring a
piece of slacking gauze over the suctionopening, vacuum up into the
slacking point with the greatest care. I made it !
Then I released it on the floor and soon took the cage up side down on it.
After a while, put in the card board between the cage and floor,then flipped
it over with care not to put the cardboard away from the cage.finish!

well,watch out !
I'm sure maama would panicked at the sight of this situation.

April 08, 2006

Today's Performance Apr.6 , 2006

What's this?

Wow! hands out!

Oh! He stands up!

dance !

dance !

[Goood evening! I'm Iwao. nice to meet you.]

son's reaction

I've got my hooks in the little boy!

April 05, 2006

Today's Performance Apr.5 , 2006

Well, today is dee-dee.
Shred a paper and fold it in half, then twist the folding line.
This is the moving video. a little bit choppy picture.
Did you do it? No? Uh-huh.
ON did it very much. very much.
with the examination paper.
clip-clip, hand shredder.
flapping in the wind,destruction of evidence.

ah,that's no destruction of evidence.
just erase my memory of it.
like that.

10 barrage of such twirler!

son's reaction

He was pleased than I expected.

Not relate to today's performance,
I made that a little while ago. [?box.]

I found this news.
Uh, I was getting a little nervous.
but no relation to my site.
I was afraid of it.
Kids, be careful where to put it.

April 04, 2006

Today's Performance Apr.4 , 2006

The strong Adventurer !

Bouken yellow !

Bouken yellow !

Bouken yellow !

It is another yellow RODY.
This time, I thought I would make a DORAMI,
but my son doesn't know much about Doraemon,
that means he doesn't know Dorami too.
So, I changed this plan to make a Boukenger.

son's reaction

You can't be serious.
You love Boukenger very much !
Why? lack something?
well, it is not exactly same.
I did my best, but not look a thing alike.
and cheap too.
This is just for the fun for it.
Nothing's wrong with that.

Boukenger (Japanese)

April 03, 2006

Today's Performance Apr.3 , 2006


boo !

hi! I'm doraRODY

My nose & bell are made from plastic capsules.
and whisker = heavy paper,
pocket = Origami,
collar = ribbon,
my feet are wrapped with a tissue.

son's reaction

well,my son doesn't know much about Doraemon.
instead, it makes my wife laugh, and also made me laugh during making it.
but, son doesn't understand what it is.
What a pity!

Doraemon (Japanese)

April 02, 2006

Today's Performance Apr.2 , 2006


Teletubbies are get ting on a swing.

ON sang the [Heidi, Girl of the Alps] opening theme.

[Cause' we can find the long long swing in this opening theme]

son's reaction

April 01, 2006

Today's Performance Apr.1 , 2006

This plan is to use the face pattern of [magi-blue] which I made before.
Wavering Water element!
Magi-blue !!
(Poweranger Mysticforce in USA)
Magi-blue,lift-the-flap book
It was easy to make a pop up like this.
This can be a popular series.

son's reaction

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