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A ***** ********* which appears in this year too.

This is a familiar ?box in this brog.


Here it is!

Again! The insect cage!

Zoooooom in.

Not to be swamped with complaints, this picuture is obscured by a
computer-generated mosaic.
Please click it,if you want to see it.
It is a house centipede which appears in this year too.
Oh, well, no big deal. It is such a small one.

I just figured I'd let you know that I hate incects or worms.
rather than ladies.
All the more reason, I must to hold it,
not crush it or all the money in the world, or if it run away after using
bug killer, I can't concentrate on my work.
That's why I hold it to make me feel safe.

but,once I take it into a cage, I gaze it for a long time,
like a counterphobia.
I found it has a cute eyes than I think, I become attached to it after being with it all day long.
I gave it water not to kill cause my son wanted to see it next day. It came to water and drink it as fast as it could.
I thought[ oh, you have been very thristy. I'm sorry.]

Then, I named it [swan].

my son's reaction

He was very interested in it as well as a spider.
Such child doesn't feel creepy.


[ The fatal caputuring mission ]

This time, it was very difficult to caputure [Geji]
I could not anything at first cause it was at the corner of the
ceiling.After I considered for a long time, I took a cleeener. coverring a
piece of slacking gauze over the suctionopening, vacuum up into the
slacking point with the greatest care. I made it !
Then I released it on the floor and soon took the cage up side down on it.
After a while, put in the card board between the cage and floor,then flipped
it over with care not to put the cardboard away from the cage.finish!

well,watch out !
I'm sure maama would panicked at the sight of this situation.


Wow, you're a lot braver than I am

i like the way you deal with your phobia, i should do what you've done. i might trap spiders and make myself like them =o)

i hate bugs ;_;

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