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DX Daibouken

" Dump ! "
" Formula ! "
" Gyro ! "
" Dozer ! "
" Marine ! "

" GO ! GO ! "

" Here goes ! GOUGOU Formation ! "

(below, ON sang the theme song for Boukenger.)


susume boukenger
(Go ahead boukenger.)

chikyuuno hate made
(to the utmost ends of the earth )

mezase boukenger
(head to there, boukenger)



DX Daibouken !

son's reaction

To tell the truth, this is recycled.
I've already finished this Daibouken itself before I started this blog.
This time, conbinating evolution.
It is not simillar to the real one, how to conbine each vehicles.
feeling !

Oh, Daibouken is the huge Robot
which appears in [GO GO sentai Boukenger]
Please wait until it starts in the other countries
as a new power ranger.


well, my son starts to attend to the kindergarten,
this is the 3rd day.
My wife dropped him off to kg,
and she told me how he was like, that he cried a lot.
Everyone heard of his crying voice.
Ok, ok, my son. nobody's fool.

DaiBouken Formation

Boukenger Opening


ON-chama! KAKKOI NE!

LOL ahahah so funny :P

sorry im confused whats this all about. are you making stuff and leaving them in his room sorry i find it hard to follow your project whats it about what for and what is it?

please email

ㅋㅋ맨님 여기는 영어로 된 사이트라서 그렇게 쓰면 다른사람은 못 알아듣는데...

mr. ㅋㅋ맨 this site is a english site so that won't make sense to other people

ㅋㅋ맨님 여기는 영어로 된 사이트라서 그렇게 쓰면 다른사람은 못 알아듣는데...

mr. ㅋㅋ맨 this site is a english site so that won't make sense to other people

recycled?... ho, yeaaaah... yes, sure...

hmmm, smart kid.

Hi can you Buy some quiz machine at Home ok but this time we do ok has going to the shop and pay for him ok i see you soon ok yep Bye with Lots of Love from Henry the Octopus.

재료가 뭐길래...
무슨직업을 하시고싶은지?

Wow ON! These are great! Don't tell anyone I thought the worst when you stopped posting on the blog, they're gonna laugh at me :( Your son must love to see all of those cool surprises!

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