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Hi ! I'm Doraemon.

[ Hi ! I'm Doraemon. ]

What? Can you hear Draemon's voice?

Where is he?

Oh !

I found him !

The slippers of Babarbight turned into Draemon !

And that, it doesn't look like the real one.

He has eyebrows !

Son's reaction

You know, my son doesn't know Draemon well.
His reaction showed that's not good enough.
Ofcourse he couldn't understand it's unlikeness.

right about face


awww, how sweet, Onchan sama? You make a perfect daddy! hehe, my boyfriend and I love your website and your blog. Keep up the good work! Genki up up!

You can also say that a Barbapapa turned into Draemon~ haha>.<
Barbapapa is also a lovely cartoon^^

realy love your games!!!

WTF!!? O_O

It is very bizzarre x.x

WTF!!? O_O

It is very bizzarre x.x

uhhh...uhhhh were you high when you did this or does this actually matter to anyone?

Saikou desu <3 I luv Japan but i live in aussie =( how saaad!
I luv doraemon too ....I always wish he was reall =(

I have no idea what you're on about... but I understand anything you do just plain ROCKS!!!

And that was funny.

wow!you're a really cool father! hahahaha natsukashii~

an~ an~ an~ tottemo daisuki~ doraemon~~~

i grew up with doraemon in my childhood so the slippers are really cool! (^___^)

Free art! In Poland we can't make any art about ducks, beacouse presiedent names kaczynski(that means... somethink like a ducker...). Horror, don't You think so?

has your son been to Kindergarten yet? :)

Hello, On!

I love your Eyezmaze games and I have just found your Parenting Blog. It's very cute! Please keep on blogging and making games, they make a lot of people happy.

You are very talented.

I make art, you can see it on my website if you like.

Keep up the good work!

wow, it does look like doraemon! pretty creative-- wouldn't ever have thought of creating it from a blue smiley face :)

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