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LEGO Accellular

I made one of the GoGo sentai Bokenger's item [Accellular]
with LEGO just like the real stuff.

This is the real one.

Oh!no,not look a thing alike.
But it can't be helped.
We have only the basic set of LEGO,
so it's very difficult to make something
with this set.

Here's movable one.

You can do such actions.
[over 130 of hazard level]
[It must be a Precious]
(said Bouken Pink)

and also,you can do like below.

[Bokenger ]
[Start up!]

I made this part with a tyre part of Lego.
So you can sidewipe it to act Bokenger's changing.
Oh oh,only Bokenger watcher can understand what I told.
Check it up!

son's reaction

OH! hypercool for him.
The best hit ever before!


Well, I have mixed feelings.
He likes this Accellular made in 15minutes,
rather than The robot made in 6hours.
It's very hard to catch kid's hart.

Incidentally, there is a hidden character.


now you also have a friend,in belgium!
I like your grows,but I don't understand chronon...but I will,in time...nice for your son haveing such a cool dad.
keep it up


Hi! Now you have one more friend, in France!
I played with GROW cubes. It's the first time I have fun with computer games. The first attempt with new Grow I hit 5400 right away! It was good luck for a beginner. Thank you. Then I learned by playing more and more.
Your son is a happy man.

i wanna be your son! so many interesting stuff for your kid, nice dad.

I can't help but notice that your son really likes Power Rangers (GoGo sentai Bokenger, I guess) a lot... he must be a very big fan...

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