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Today, the masuque of Venice, which my son loves, my parents sent us.



Dancing again!

son's reaction

Well, today I intended not to kick him up,'cause he is going to attend the
kindergarten from tomorrow.

He makes it a habit to play with what I did last naight .
If I gives him what he is exited very much、he would be hooked it and
says[I don't go to the kindergarten!]
So, I kept my desires under control.
The first day is more important than anything.


Sorry for this

keeping track of your son eh? i'm in canada now and loving this blog brings me back old memories!

FANTASTIC GROWING GAMES! Greetings from netherlands!
Try our ''Amsterdammer'' cheese!!!!!!!!!!

i'm from italy (milano) ^^
spent almost an year in venezia (pliz call city with their real name not translate it :P )

i'm happy u like italy and our tradition like the masquerade ;)

Your grow games are SOOO COOL!
I found out about them, I played all of them and showed them to all my friends and my family also, everybody loves them!
Hope you make more soon
Btw, nice mask!
See ya

hehe nice mask!

cute cubby for your son by the way! i'm sure he loves it -- i wish my dad made one for me when i was little!

btw just noticed your blog... been playing your games for at least 3 years now. the concepts are so unique, the graphics are lovely, and they're so fun too! i'm looking forward to the next one -- keep up the awesome work! :)

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