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The highest adventurer [Bouken blue]

" Boukenger ! "
"Start up ! "
kyuiiiin !

" The highest adventurer [Bouken blue] "


Oh !

I found it !

You're changing?

But very low place, even you are the highest adventurer.

On the ground

And that, he has eyebrows again.

son's reaction

Also low as his reation is.


Oh no ! there aren't eyes !

[ relation ship ]
Lego accellular
Hi ! I'm Doraemon.

Boukenger(You Tube)



Do Bouken Silver next using a suit made of aluminum foil. And carry around a homemade version of SagaSniper too for maximum effect. ^^

I like it

i got to missed a page that tells you whats this all about as i have no idea at all what this blog entrie was made for what you did sounds like his crazy or i just dont understand can some one please explane to me?

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its very fanny!
I want to have dad like you..

Without commentaries...

its pretty irritating that this blog isent being traslated..

what happened with this blog?

好鬼正啊,你d game。继续努力,撑你啦!

hey on,
your games are very creative--
you should have your own television show.
you should at least sell t-shirts online, to make more money off of this site!
you should do something like sell merchandise so that you can do this site all of the time and then we can be happier!

hi is but we havent see anything to him for a while...

he hasn't posted for a while, i hope he's creating a fun new game :P

Remind me if I'm wrong, but I do seem to recall in some post that his son is going to kindergarden already. I dunno if this makes sense, but kindergarden=less time with dad?

ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 엄청난 작품이다!!
오랜만에 들렀더만 신기한 짓을 하네~~

Please keep posting, I am enjoying your blog!

aww why did it stop?

That is the best thing ever. I should get my brother to make an Accellular out of legos =)

i like your slippers :D
and i like the boukenger blue slipper (with eyebrows)
they are funny


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