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GROW PACK Vol.1(Android)

Enjoy all GROW series (+ mini game) in one single app.

I created and shared the original game for free, but unfortunately the production money is runnig dry, so I created a paid version.
It would help me out a lot if you could support me by buying this app! Thanks!

Google play

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Google play

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Justin Hill:

Thank you! I've been a fan for many years. Have you considered a payment method like Patreon?

I think I'm not the only one who would like to support you and your amazing works.

R Andrei:

You should add "GROW Island" too.

grow vol 2:

will we get i

grow vol 2:

will we get it


Hi! When I saw you published a Grow pack on Android, I immediately bought it. However, I was surprised to see that this full paid version of the games still has ads. Paid apps shouldn't have ads. It would be a much better experience if I didn't have to look at an ad constantly while playing. Not seeing ads is one of the reasons I paid for your app. Please remove them!


It games so best!


Why is it that,in grow cube you have to restart the game when you finish the first level!?


You shall make a sandbox type grow game


I dont tane a gemsssssss


What is the correct order for everything that to be maxed


I would like to contribute
Is there an iPhone version so that I can purchase


Will you make vol 2 with the other games ?


I bought the app and I love it. I look hope to see another installment.


Make this for AppStore!!!

Jamze (The Production & Company):

It is fantastic to see you not only releasing these hits on mobile, but clearly committed to bringing your unique style of gaming into the mobile console.

Your works have been a huge inspiration, would love to see titles like Grow World and Tontie come to mobile.

Thank you for com return, I'm happy to support these works forever more.


Great games and great work, keep it up!
Only things to mention are the ads which are still in a paid pack, however I don't really mind them.
Also feels the pack a bit too compressed(?), it feels like the games in the bundle lag compared to the separate games.


is there going to be iOS version?
I really hope to get it
support you!


The paid version comes with ads. But you handled the ads in a way that they dont interfere with the game. Like popup Ads we have to close. This ad is Just in the bottom line and we dont need to care about it. Thank you! :)


Hi I have loved your games for years and I am just wondering if you intend to put this game on the App Store for iPhones


I back Samuel here. No ads in paid version, please!


Thank you for all your hard work over the years. Your games are wonderful. I am looking forward to your next release.



please make all of these wonderful games available for mobile devices or at least monetize them. i personally have shared this site with friends that would pay to play these games and support you in making more


Please make available on iOS please.


Can you pls make a sandbox thing and for free im aure many will download it and pls make an app on iphone too it will be trending


Please make an iOS version! I would love to buy it


I would love to pay more for a version without any ad in it (maybe up to 10$ as for Black Box ?). Actually they are well inserted but for my daughter of 5 it would be safer without.
Thanks and keep up the good work.


Max park is 452163

Sia LPS:

Nejde mi to 😤

Sia LPS:

See eror 😤


first played in 2009 and forgot what these games were called for 8 years


Why black box isnat accesible now on eyezmaze?

Sir TapTap:

You should consider Patreon if money is an issue! I think a lot of us would gladly support your work!

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