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July 20, 2018

Thank you very much for your support!

The croud-funding [GROW revival fair] has finished at 7.16
I was nervous and felt stomach ache during it, because it was the first time and held abroad.
Anyway thanks for everyone, it reached the target and I would get the funds more than I thought before.
And GROW can make a comeback.
I appriciate supporters, people spreaded this campaign.

Although this campaign has finised,
this system is going on until 8.16.
Please back it continuously.
You can get the Thanks Picture or the Thanks mini game as specific gifts.


[further schedule]
1.I have been making a new mini game. I will finish it first.
2.Next, make a Thanks minigame.
3.start the main new game.
If my site recovers,I will make more and more games continuously.

There are many probrems on this project, but I'll bring it off.
I'm very happy if you support EYEZMAZE.

The campaign.EYEZMAZE characters Who's who is over although it is less than the number of the croud-funding supporters.
Thank you for your enjoying it!

I concentrate on making games from now on.

July 11, 2018

Thanks illustration

Thanks illustration has finished!
I intended to make an easy picture.
But I finished the pretty mini game with interactive function.
It is unnecessary awesome than expected.
Why don't you get it?

I would send it to the supporter of this croudfunding.


June 20, 2018

GROW Comeback (BrowserGame)

It's been long time since last game. It's difficulty is easier.
No secret ending, but you may find the certain someone,the plumber.
Why don't you find him?
Enjoy it!

GROW revival fair is now in progress. I'm glad if you join it!

[How to play GROW]

You click the panel and makes things in field grow.
You would complete the game when all panels' level would become Lv.MAX.
You have to think about the order since there are deep relations with each panel when they are growing. 

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June 15, 2018

GROW revival project

I have started Crowdfunding!


[Follow up 1](16.06 2018)

The cloud funding I asked recently is now reached 100%!
Thank you for all.
I'd like to ask alittle more support to keep making good quality games continously.
You don't lose anything by giving it a try.
I appreciate you for your continuing support.

Thank you for your support!
I put these EYEZMAZE characters,equal to the numbers of supporters. (update every 10 people)

May 21, 2018

GROW nano2 & nano4 (HTML5 Edition)

GROW nano2

GROW nano4

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