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I have a medical condition report on Twitter and Facebook.



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waiting and scared...


Where are you?


Hi! I'm 20y now, I've been played your games for years and when I saw that you was successfull on the crowdfunding I got so happy! Hope the best for you! I would like to talk to you one day!


I've played your games when I was young, bought the grow pack as soon as I found it. My only wish is that I knew about the crowd funding to show even more love and support. I wish you the best on recovering. Goodluck!


Hello, like others here, I played your games when I was young and recently discovered your website here. Your games brought me great joy and hours of fun growing up (no pun intended) and introduced me to the world of computer games. I'm delighted to have found your website and the mobile apps, I've been playing them all evening! I'm sadened to hear of your medical issues. I wish you the best and hope your surgery went well with no complications. Love from England :)


Wishing you the best of luck, and a speedy recovery.

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