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This game is for technical SNS [TECROSS] managed by NineSigma Japan.
I've challenged the new mode of expression this time.
I appreciate you would enjoy the newborn GROW.

[How to play GROW game series]
Click panels in your selected order.
Items you click will grow and grow with each turn.
You will complete the game when all panels' level is max.
They effect each other as they grow.
So you have to think about the clicking order.


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Comments (90) (newest at top)


Wow, the game is amazing! :D


feel so good after playing the game, thank you so much for giving me a wonderful time!


Wow Awsome game Keep Going!!! BTW: could you please please please please make more Grow games? Thank You!


I've checked back so often; it's finally here!

Thank you! :)

Davi Antonio:

I think that one was too easy


Fun Game! Very Original and Creative :)


Thank you ON for this amazing game, I will always be looking forward to the next one. :)


Cute and Adorable.


Thank for the wonderful moment you bring to us. Your game is always creative and cute.


Awesome! Thank you! Finally a new GROW game! I wonder what the special ending is?


Thank you for the new game On! ^_^
Exhausted every possible option as usual, though I was a little disappointed that there weren't any alternate endings. :/ Keep up the good work!

G.C. Vicaldo:

Such a fun game! So creative and fun!


This one was neat, but took about three minutes to play, so I'm hoping this isn't the project you've been working on for so long.

The claymation was well done, but I think I prefer drawn.

enrique gr:

it was too easy :(


For all of you complaining about being too easy; ON didn't have to make any GROW game. Appreciate what s/he does for FREE, for our enjoyment! I thought this was an awesome game, just like your others! The clay-mation was phenomenal


so i can't see the special ending if i don't have anything technology to submit ?? this make no sense, i even register an account at tecross.


It's amazing!
But I stop in stage 4/4! Help! haha

Vagabond solitaire:

Woooooow AMAZING WORK ! You're amazing !


какой пароль,пожалуйста


nadin: пароль выдается, после регистрации на сайте techcross.
Ссылка на сайт дается перед 4-ой стадией.


GREAT! Stop motion is the best way to animate things born by your overflowing imagination!


For me it was to easy... you do not have to think much...i enjoyed the last "puzzle", so i had to do it 3 or 4 Times, still to short, ending unspectacular and you cannot lose or get stuck. But looks cute. I would like more difficult parts like in Maze, or more items to chose like in "Island" or "valley".
but anyway thanks for the game :-)


It's amazing new!!!
Btw, i like the meaning behind it!!!


did you make this with claymation (stop motion with clay)
or clay-animation (Design style with clay-like styles?


I have waited for a new game so much time! and finally there is one!
thank you so much! your games are the best! I have played them since I was 8, and now I am 15.
all the way from Israel :)


AWESOME bot!P.s. how do you go to tecross?


This was fun! I really like the new clay aspect. Very creative. Keep up the good work. Your talent is great.


I am so disappointed with this game (and the previous 2).
This game wasn't nearly as good as the original ones.
It didn't had that thrill that you can't make a single mistake, you didn't had to observe the changes so carefully, it was just boring. I didn't even felt like to play with the special ending.
Btw I didn't liked the graphic, too. It was too artificial, didn't had that unique, strange cuteness, that usually characterize his works. I am not saying that he shouldn't develop his style, and do always all the same, but this is what I am feeling. I was just so sad when I played with this game, I feel like I was tricked somehow, because I cheered up for him for so many years, when he said he cannot make games because of the happenings in Japan, I was truly worried for him, and I was patiently waiting for new games every time and now he gives me this. It may sound a bit selfish, and you can say that he had time for only this much, but isn't it about his fans too or about his passion for making games? Because I didn't felt the heart in this, in contrary with the older ones. Pls, if you read this, dear game maker (I don't know your name unfortunately)reply me and explain it to me, because i loved your games so much for 8 years, but now all I can feel is sadness.

Paolo Bartolini:

well, nice game, but let me tell you that you did much better in the past.... now WHAT'S THIS?
well, a good grow, but not as good as the ones you did in the past.


I enjoyed it but personnally, I think it was too easy and too short. I think I prefered the non-clay games though. Anyway, thanks for the good time ! :)




It may not have been as expansive as many of his earlier works, but it possessed the same incredible beauty, in my opinion :) The ideas and artworks are simplistic, wonderful, and adorable. How an artist can be so talented is beyond me.

Although I do prefer the larger older games, I can't find the words to express how delighted I am to see a new title. I'm in no way disappointed, I am overjoyed and thoroughly impressed! In the future I hope we will be able to see even more great things :)


I'm disappointed by this but I get it.

I've been a fan for years and I've seen this site develop and grow and it's been pretty inspirational to say the least. However, this "Grow Clay" is not something worthy of being a grow game. Each of your previous games has been an adventure and I have thoroughly enjoyed them all, some several times. However, this is no more than a shameless plug for TECROSS which tries to force you to share possibly profitable ideas.

I don't blame you for making this since I can see you've been on hard times lately or busy with other stuff and a commercial offer to create a "game" may make all the difference for you at the minute.

This bears none of the childlike wonder or beautiful otherworldly intricacies of your other games and simply feels like an advert that requires prompts to continue. It certainly has your artistic style but the wonder is gone and it simply instills a deep feeling of sorrow and disappointment of another game designer selling out their image that they have worked tirelessly to define and the supporters new and old.

I hold no contempt for what you've done as you are entirely entitled and justified, but I do hope that one day you will return to creating the extraordinary kinds of games that have kept my attention for so many years.


I love the game and I like the claymation style but I CAN'T LOG IN TO TECROSS!! And i'm so weird about what is the special ending.

Allysandra De Guzman:

Wow this grow clay is amazing !!!!!!!! I complete it in my first try it's so easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love the grow games, but this one is a big let-down. It was far too easy, and you can't even mess up until you get to the 3rd part really, and you can just redo the individual parts so there's no starting from the beginning because you messes up like in the other ones. That makes the game more user friendly, but there's a skip button for a reason. The previous grow games were much better in my opinion, but this one is still good for maybe one or two goes.


Wow, the claymation is a real step up on style! I've never seen that before and it fits perfectly.


This game is epic. I finished it on my second try becuase of stage for but this is fun and easy and thats my style.


It was good, but a bit too easy.. and personally prefer the old grafics - the new "style" wasn't as cute as all the old games :)


This is SO cool. I love the giant robot. It took me about 5 tries on stage 3.
P.S. Is this stop motion? Because if it is then that's AWESOME!


Boring........ And really not fun! >:(


Ok i take that back this is awesome and fun! XD srry if i hurt your feelings mr. game creator! /\ v /\




Great game, but it was a little too easy because you CAN'T lose.


It Looks like sponsored for Tecross or something like that :/ Doesnt like that one :/


Um, I'm pretty sure this game is simple and easy because it is a game commissioned or requested by a company, and the goal is to draw interest to that company.

I got the impression that he made it easy ON PURPOSE to guide potential members through the game and make them go, "wow!" Then, he invites them to stop in and register for the site if they want to. If they got stuck because the game was difficult, then there would be no incentive to get that secret ending. Or they might get frustrated and leave before the invitation to register came up. The cartoony graphics were probably replaced because the clay animations are more "adult."

If you think this is a form of "selling out," then I suggest you step outside into the real world. He needs to live for his own well-being before he lives for yours. But I don't think he's wrong to share it with us and let us have fun with it as well! It really is nice, even if it's lacking some things we usually expect.

This game was not low quality. You are just misunderstanding who the primary audience is. You should try to appreciate it in a different light.

From a developer's point of view, On showed good sensibilities. It's admirable and challenging to be able to make something that keeps the client in mind and respects the goals of the client.

When he is able to do games on his own without being tied to a company, I am sure he will give you more of what you want.

Professional work. Nicely done.


THIS GAME IS SO AWESOME!!! pls make more of your games made with clay it looks so cool but I think you should make it longer BUT STILL this game is AWSOME!!!!!


I think that too many people are overlooking the fact that this is a sponsored game....

Personally, I loved the art style. I think that claymation must have been incredibly time consuming. Especially all the models and the LEDs!

This reminded me a lot of Grow Valley, but I have to say that I think that that game was more entertaining and fulfilling >.<


these games are easy make them harder


have you ever thought of hiring an artist to help you? you do take a long time to make grow games. best of luck getting a great inspiration.


^yubu butt head


lol like his game


Hi, ON. How are are you? We'd like some news some time, even if it's just a random, game-unrelated post. We do not mean to press though.
Do you or did you get coverage in japan?

mr.yellow guy:

what's is the password




This is what the people needs, great games with great creativity LOVED IT! >:D

mimi minit:

you are a hero!


it is slow help


Awesome game cant wait till next one


that robot tho


This is amazing I win this it took me like 10 try!


I just noticed a previous entry was about birthday of the site being March 18, 2013.
So, being almost 3 months late, Happy Birthday Eyezmaze.


So cool!!!
you should do more of these.but all the clay animation probably has given you a lot of work




Gosh, that was so freakin cute. I love grow cube so I keep coming back! Please never stop--


Eyezmaze gone clay! Awesome!

Also, click the "status" button at the end.

Great game! :)


On, you're awesome.

Please finish that new game soon.


this just may be the best game in the universe yeah its not that long but i love it and its the best game ever!!!!!!!!


This was very innovative! It really does motivate on being creative and productive. If I ever end up contributing to the world like that, this site would obviously be one of my main motivations~


Fun, dude, thanks!


Still enjoying your games, since a few years :)
Very good work !!


Hey man, im spanish, so its possible i not write correctly,
i only wanted to say your games are the besttest flash games i played, and one thing more, why did you change your previous homepage?, that page was so beoutifull, but it isnt important,
continue like now, i love your games :)


please add more to this, i was so sad when it ended.

Sarah and George Harrison:

Oh I love this! I'm making my own clay tontie figures! I just love it!


It is a little frusterating that we cannot see the special ending unless we register some technology. I liked it, but the other posts about it being too short and not having very many options to make a different ending are not available.

Thank you. I think I'll go play one of the longer ones again. :)


I do LOVE the graphics. It is so cute.



i love ur GROW games. I really hope that ur work and ur time is adequetly compensated for. Ever thought about selling those as an app for android or OS or WP 8? Ur games are fun and better then 60% of the available pay-for crap - at least. And u deserved to get the credit for it. Also it might making advertising games unnecessary (Tecross).
I dont know how hard portation is but maybe for the future.

Best Regards.


good game, but it doesn't make sense how you have to register to continue the game


the game is goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood


how many comments are there


I loved this game just did not like not being able to play the final special, nor are all inventors or engineers who would like divulgase password so everyone could play the final special

Spencer S.:

So glad you're still making games, I've loved them since you started. <3


unfortunately i don like this one : / you cant chose elements/materials you are just cliking next : ( im disapointed :<


the game is good.
unfortunally i'm non able to invent a tecnology to see the end of the game



Pamolita Paquita:

I really like youre games, I play them since I was a smaller girl, and now this on with clay is so much better and alive. I love your style and last year I was really hoping thath there would be new stuf. And now there is! Keep going! I think your the small light in some peoples daily life. bye!


is amazing :)


you make a robot that is super cool

A Person Without A Name:

Although the game is short and not QUITE as exciting as other games, I enjoyed it since you decided to try something new with the claymation. I still love that funky techno music. :/


This game is really difficult, I cannot pass at fourth round…. Back to PopPace.

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I made these games after suffering many hardships, so I hope everyone can enjoy them as long as possible.
Thank you for your cooperation.

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