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2.MiniGAMEs Archives

March 26, 2004

Tontie ver.0(GAME)

This is a kind of evolved whack-a-mole game.
ah, a kind of action game or like that.

Well, you can save money and buy items you want.
Let's challenge the unlimitedly coming out Tontie with your powered hammer.

Using the numeric keypad.
Each number corresponds the hole Tontie appears.

If you open another window, the numeric keypad will be get out of control,then you should click the game window to make it active.
And also Numlock key gets out of control,then you push it again and release it.

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April 26, 2004

Vanilla Ver.0

It is the game into which the tree of Vanillan is grown up more highly.
If a game starts, please click the flowerpot of the bottom of a screen first.
The bud of Vanilla grows. If a flowerpot is clicked once again, it will grow up further.
If a click is repeated, a new bud will grow.
Please click in an order from the bottom and raise water on a tree. The tree of Vanilla grows rapidly.
It will incline rapidly and the tree of Vanilla will grow, if middle is not clicked if possible.
It is game over, when a tree inclines and a screen is overflowed. If possible, let's lengthen straightly and make it grow up more highly.

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January 18, 2005

HATCH Today(Illust)

This is not a game but illustrations.
I will add it when I want to draw it for a change.
Please look them if you feel like it.

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October 19, 2005

Movie Puzzle ver.0(GAME)

The moving puzzle.
Angles would be changed when you select HARD (select and "<-" "->" key)
There are so many bugs.
I heard sometimes you can't complete even you solve it.
ah- fatal error...

I should give it three more twists then it would be more interesting.
That's not enough now.
I'll try it again later.

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October 24, 2005

Tontoko Tontie ver.0(GAME)

This is for a test of the ranking program.
Long time before, I had built the ranking program into Vanilla. Due to the exploit ,everyday I got up I found the ranking data scrambled at that time. It was very troublesome and took long time to modify it,and I took it away after all.

Well, I've found another ranking program again.
nnnnn, I'm afraid it would be exploited too.
Anyway,I should test it.

This game... is easy and broken one. just test.
Match the cursor to Tontie that comes out to beat it. It is not necessary to click.

Does anybody know the ranking program with strong security that can work with Flash? If possible, in the freeware. Please tell me if you know such a thing.

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November 10, 2005

Tontie 1980(GAME)

It's very golden oldie, game & watch like Tontie.
[GAME B] is more difficult than [GAME A]
Using "<-" "->" key or "Z" "/" key.
You can also use the buttons.

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December 17, 2005


This GROW is Christmas display.
It may be easier, only 6 panels.

[How to play]
Click 6 panels in your selected order.
Items you click will grow and grow with each clicking.
They sometimes effect each other as they grow.
So you have to think about the clicking order.

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July 13, 2006


I tried to make it as a practice writing script.
Seriously just a Solitaire.
no more and no less

For your information
According to the time , 9 kinds of characters will appear in congratulation screen.
But human-beings would never let the last 9th character appear. (by TIME 9)
I prepared it for just in case.
It means completed substantially that you get 8 characters.
Good luck.

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July 17, 2006

GROW nano ver.0(GAME)

Mini GROW for the fastest finger.
It grows more and more with your quick clicking on the red circle.

I set the screen size too big.
I think you would handle it easier if you push F11 button for the full screen.

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August 5, 2006

GROW nano vol.1(GAME)

I changed hi-speed click type game into a click point hunting.
I thought not all people has an environment for hi-speed clicking.
It's all too common type.
well, I know it's all-too-common...

The challenge level is super easy.

Thank you for all.

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February 14, 2007

Neighbours ver.0(GAME)

Please put them where they are satisfied with.
All you have to do is drag & drop.
Aim for the shortest way at 9 shot.

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February 21, 2007

GROW nano vol.2(GAME)

The 2nd GROW NANO series.
This is similar to the original one.
There are only three panels,you can complete it within 2 minutes.
Only 6 methods at last count.

But small bonus is still hidden somewhere, please find it !

[How to play GROW]
You click the panel and makes things in field grow.
You would complete the game when all panels' level would become Lv.MAX.
You have to think about the order since there are deep relations with each panel when they are growing.

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April 13, 2007

Galves Adventure ver.1(GAME)

As my friend's baby was born, I made the birthday game for him(his nickname Galves).
Well already 8 months have gone by,ah 9 months? oh 10 months? That's about it.

He is now baby in arms,crawler,he can crawl in the game too.
but he can't come up or climb down difference in level on the floor.
His action is far below the Spelunker.
ah, this game is not the action game but puzzle one.
Please refer to the explanation in datail at their site. Thank you!

Galves Adventure ver.1

NewsBlog by Galves' father

August 17, 2007

Silver Tontie

How's that for these?
Too fancy! Over cute! What do you know?
Ms. KIA who makes silver accessories made these Tonties, one of the most
popular character in my site.

She sent me the real things, the real one is more cute.
About 1.5cm, but it is recreated as Tontie is, even eyelashes and also
hammer !
Although some may not know the Tontie with hammer because he appears the
latter stage.

Now, they become cell-phone straps and made it to my home.
Wow ! I can't put it on my cell-phone, just have to hide in a box and
tresure it up.

Here is full lineup. But please be sure that they are not for sale.

This is Ms. KIA's site

Well, thank you ,thank you very much KIAsan !!
I'm very happy! too happy! too fancy! How cute!

Secret Bonus
What happens if you push the key in this order [9,7,1,3,8,4,2,6,5]
on the same display as left .


February 20, 2008

GROW nano vol.3(GAME)

I'm sorry to have kept you waiting a new game for a long time even I told
you that I'm going to release it soon.
I have been sick in bed recently and it is hard to speed up operations.
Instead, I made an easy-GROW ,Please let me off this time.

[How to play GROW]
You click the panel and makes things in field grow.
You would complete the game when all panels' level would become Lv.MAX.
You have to think about the order since there are deep relations with each panel when they are growing.

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April 27, 2008


I've finished this new game as a rehabilitation.

You will complete it when you gather all the family members.
Please click the character's box which you want to move and use the arrow keys.


This is suitable for beginners.
Well I may upgrade it with more gimmicks in this system in the future.
Please look forward it.

Now I remember, this is very similar to DWARF COMPLETE.
That's about the size of it.

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May 30, 2008

Applicate ver.0(GAME)

This is the puzzle game, to take these apples to the exit.
There are all 5 stages.

When I was studying some scripts, I could make a kind of game unexpectedly.
I've put it on my site.
Well, please tolerate uncertainly about this game, if it may be inconsistent or hard to understand it.

Thank you !

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June 23, 2008

SEEK ver.0

Sometimes I'm going to update a bit of this and that which couldn't be even a mini-game, what I studied about scripts or stocks of idea,materials for games and so on.

Today's game is an easy word game.
It would not be such an interesting one, but it may get rid of someone's boredom.

Now I'm also making a new GROW. Please look forward it and wait for a moment.

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August 4, 2008


I finished an easy game as a break.
But it took 5 days.
I had better make this kind of games within 2days or so.

[a] key is for a jump. Jump Rocks.
[s] key is for flapping at the fly. flap at a cockroach, but don't flap at a
[d] key is for a jump. Jump across a gap.
[f] key is a gas pedal and if you push it again, it turns a break.
please go across the road when the lift is up. Your heart will loose when
you don't move within a given time period.
* The lift doesn't go down if the player is too close to the lift.

It would be very fun that you share keys with your family or brothers or sisters or friends or lover.
Let's work together to complete it!

By the way,prizes include what I want.

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August 5, 2009

Purouty (GAME)

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May 2, 2011

GROW nano4 (GAME)

One of the EYEZMAZE game player has created the special "those characters" figure!
It's so fantastic that I'd like to show you in this mini mini GROW.

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April 9, 2015


Now you can play "GROW nano vol.3" on the Android, which I made before.
I think it's been long time since you played it last. Please enjoy it again!

Google play App Store


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